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Wretched Advert!!

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Is it just my computer that is showing a wretched advert video headed; Develop your dog's "Hidden intelligence". This advert shows with every first post connected to a new subject. It is very annoying and I have absolutely no intention or interest in playing the video. I just want to get rid if it:mad:
It also comes up across the top of the screen where the "" advert used to show.
It's even come up with my new post above, just bloody annoying!:mad:
It does me to, but I just scroll past and ignore it.
I think JoanneF had concerns about the content of the ad, too... The best thing would be to PM Josie - she's very busy at the moment so might not see this thread, but will respond to PMs.
Yes, and its from that Adrienne Farricelli person whose credentials are suspect and whose advice is outdated (alpha dominance). She spams other forums with accounts under different names promoting her advice which is clickbait for an e-book she is peddling. Her 'wisdom' includes -

"Kids are an important part of every family and most of the times they are the ones who like dogs most. You need to make sure that your dog is kids friendly because in many cases it is seen that dogs get jealous of the kids because they do not want their master to pay attention to someone else. This behavior should be corrected. You should encourage your dog’s good behavior like sitting and you should also discourage bad behavior like barking or jumping. Kids like to hug their dogs and you should train your dog to like hugs."

So - train your dog to submit to hugs, even if he hates it, risking that one day he might say enough, snap, and injure the child.


Have you nudged @Josie?
On it all don’t stress!!!
Thanks for your concerns however we have little to no advertising on the forums and we've tried to keep it very native and in keeping with the theme. The ad will be staying but we appreciate your concerns. We do however, have to try and cover costs of keeping the forum online for everyone. I've actually removed 3 banner placements this week alone.
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