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Yorkie for allergy sufferer?


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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone on this forum has any experience with yorkies and allergy sufferers?
My husband unfortunately is allergic to dogs although he absolutely adores them. We have 3 teens who have wanted a dog forever but we've now decided to borrow one instead through borrowmydoggy, which has worked out really well. Except the cockapoo we have been borrowing still seems to trigger a reaction with my husband, despite their reputation as 'hypoallergenic'.
Someone mentioned to me that yorkies are ideal because they have no real fur but more like hair and dont shed at all.
So I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions? Would love to hear from any allergy sufferers with experience!
Thanks so much.
It really depends on what your husband is allergic to. If it is the hair, a non shedding dog might not trigger it - a cockapoo, being 50% cocker, has a 50% hair and therefore shedding gene (genetic purists might correct me on the detail but you get the picture). So a non shedding dog might not trigger a reaction; I'm not sure yorkies do fall into that category but they aren't a dog I Have met very often so someone else may be able to say. I could suggest poodles, bedlington terriers or schnauzers that don't shed.

However - a lot of pet allergies are triggered by the dander, not the hair. Dander is the shed skin cells. So no matter what sort of dog you get, you will always have that. Hopefully your husband will just have a hair allergy!
To be honest we dont know if its one or the other. Can you even get tested for the different things?
I just read about yorkies that since they dont shed they are also less likely to leave dander everywhere, which should improve things, plus they are a small dog so therefore also less allergens.
No dog is truly hypoallergenic although one dog may shed less hair or less dander that can change from dog to dog let alone breed to breed.

I would talk to your GP first to see if there are any simple tests to see just what your husband is allergic to and how bad his allergy is and then see if there are any simple measures your husband could take to avoid a flare- up. Only then is it worth looking for a possible dog as you will have a better idea of what the problem is.
What is your OH allergic to? Saliva or fur if it is saliva then speak to your GP as they can give helpful advice about medication etc.
He is already on tablets and nasal spray for his pollen allergy and that pretty much does it for him whenever we are around a dog.
It would just be ideal to not have to take medication 24/7 which is why, if getting a dog, we would like one that would trigger his allergies as little as possible.

Would be great to hear if anyone has had any experiences having allergies and getting a dog! ;)
There are lots of breeds who are hypoallergenic, but I have a miniature schnauzer and she is a sweet heart and is a hypoallergenic dog, my neighbour is highly allergic to dog fur but as schnauzers don't malt she is able to sit without having an outbreak. Try and do some research on different breeds that are hypoallergenic and see what would suit your family's needs.
I provided a link to back up my understanding that no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Please can you offer any independent evidence of the existence of a truly hypoallergenic dog?
I provided a link to back up my understanding that no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Please can you offer any independent evidence of the existence of a truly hypoallergenic dog?

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