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Your Recipes/Suggestions for Dog Lollies/Kongs


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I was wondering what everyone's been giving their four legged friends to help them cool off in this hot weather, with the hope I can steal some ideas! We've been putting some natural yogurt and different fruits in a kong and freezing it, and also doing the same in a small dish and freezing, then putting the contents on the grass in our garden which seems to go down well. We did try ice cubes, but our dog tries to eat these whole, so have moved away from that. What do you do?
You can get bags that make long ice pops, like the ice cube bags. Just wish i could remember where i saw them as i want them. Helps pup with teething.
Doggy ice-cream

You will need:
  • 1 ripened banana
  • About 12 tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (Make sure the PB is Xylitol free)
Recipe: Blend it all in a food processor, pour the mix into a Kong or container and freeze for 2 hours (or even overnight).


Ice pops

You will need:
  • Chicken, beef or bone broth (low sodium, fat free and no onion added)
Put in muffin tins and freeze for 4 hours (or overnight), you can sprinkle kibble on top or even some raw mince.

Kong stuffers

Plain yoghurt, canned dog food, bananas, minced beef, chopped carrot or apple, dogs kibble. You can mix your desired ingredients and stuff them Kongs…
For special treats my dogs get real vanilla ice cream, i buy the diabetic one i do prefer the taste. :)
But be really careful of diabetic products in general- sweeteners!
This one is horrible- boil a little white fish in water and freeze the broth in long lolly moulds. Have way through the nom,nom,nom, they warm up enough for the full fishy smell to come out. Suggest they eat them on the lawn therefore.
Poor you! Make sure it's the one you like best- and of course sample it (a lot) first!

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