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I just caught Rolo trying to catch my shrimp in one off my tanks! Now I know we're all the tongue marks are coming from!
If you look at the bottom pic you can see my vampire shrimp staring back lol
Never seen that before but :D:D:D:D:D that really made me laugh! Great stuff... Random thing here but our Christmas film this year (to try and educate our daughter:eek:) is The Life of Brian..just saying:p oh and Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo...:rolleyes:
Mr. Hanky was an essential in my house some years ago. I haven't seen South Park in ages though, I was addicted to it, but now my addiction has shifted to Family Guy. I think you'll like Big Train, which is where the stare out stuff came from, some of it's hilarious, and some of it's not suitable for young 'uns. Don't forget the Show Jumpers!

I remember Big train! :D:D also Mr hanky Lol my hubby is a big South park fan but i prefer Family guy :)

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