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Evening everyone. :thumbsup: A special day's racing was enjoyed today with those lovely people at Harvel (w00t) My boy ZORRO got a trophy for his gallant efforts. Only a small one. He wasn't a winner or even a runner up but he must have done something right :p . Anyway, in one of his races he won, a tremendous achievement :eek: the fact that he was the only competitor takes nothing away from him. (w00t) . In another race his fellow compets. had a sort of scrap I think but he powered on as only he can :lol: to take first place. Not sure what happened in his next race but who cares hey?? To take a phrase from the Beautiful Game, .. the boy done good!! Bramble had a mixed day. I must get these weights sorted out as she always seemed to be starting with her trap way back :angry: . But who cares??

He's lovin' it

buffyrannoch said:
Well done Zorro - any photos ?
Now i'm glad you asked me that Buffy'h :- " I do in fact have a hudred or so from the meeting that will go on tomorrow and I do hope you look :D

Best to you. :cheers:
Well done :cheers: and I'm looking forwards to the pics. :thumbsup:
Thank you all for your comments. I've just looked at the pics. Some very nice. I'll put them on tomorrow. Hope you like :D

Masta. How you doin' ?

Where's Lesley? In Somerset I suppose(I think she told me she was going) Just not the same without those Spryers :rant:

Love to all (w00t)

LAMPINGMAN :thumbsup:

Speak to you soon Tanya :thumbsup:
Well done Lampy. :cheers:

nice to see the dogs are going the right way. :thumbsup:
Congratulations Zorro :cheers:

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