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Hi everyone. Still trying to master the pics posting. I have chosen one of the boy ZORRO taken in the summer. I hope it works.
Well done Chris :thumbsup: there should be lots of pics to come now of the lovely Zorro and bramble :D

Just thought I think I may have knocked your signiture pic off :oops: if you want me to put it back on give me a shout :thumbsup:
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Hi Lampy, if he does as well for you as Spry's doing for Lesley then you'll have a nice dog on your hands.

Like I said on another post though with that breeding you wouldnt of expected anything else. :thumbsup:
Thanks for all your kind comments. I will put some new ones on tomorrow, now that I seem to know what i'm doing,of Zorro and Bramble. She's a big bully and 3 pounds heavier than him.

Thanks Lesley. My signature picture disappeared some weeks ago it seemed to coincide with loading some updates from Microsoft (w00t) . I would like to get it back. Would you know where it is?? Must rush and check that i've got a load of spare batteries for the camera. :cheers:

Gets there in the end

He's a handsome boy,i love his colour :wub:

I wish you well with him :thumbsup:
Wow Lampy you really are in the 21st century! :thumbsup:

Pup looks very good! :cheers:
Here's another one of ZORRO this time with Bramble. Taken in July.
Nice pics Lampy, Bramble is :wub: She does seem quite a lot bigger than Zorro, he seems quite small like Spry, But if yours take to coursing like Spry has you"ll have two flying machines on your hands. :luck: with them in the future and keep us updated with more pics. :cheers:
Hi Lampy, what lovely dogs you have, Bramble is marked very similar to my Fern and Sky, and look a very similar colour (I have problems with the colour on my screen, so you will have to tell me if I am right!!)

OOOOOPS!! got that wrong, I'll try again
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Great to see piks of Zorro, Bramble and Spry as young adults, they all look fantastic and I imagine they'll be excellent coursers. :wub:

I remember this pup that really cought my eye in the litter and if it was possible I'd love to see any recent piks of the dog now as I imagine they'll be a little stunner?

Thanks Jac

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:wub: Zorro ............. Still a very handsome young man :wub: :wub:
Couldn't resist :wub: :wub: doesn't seem that long ago either

Now I want another puppy :huggles: :huggles:

Chris, just to say - really loved your new photos of Zorro - great to see him again.

They were a lovely litter and of course Spry and Zorro were my favourites. :wub: :wub:
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Sheba and Bracken are lovely Chris :wub: :wub:

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