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2009 Oz & Nz Show Results


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Welcome to 2009 everybody!

May you all enjoy success in the show rings this year with your dogs

Please, take the time to post your results on this thread as it is a great reference tool when all our results are in the one place.

Plus this thread stays active all year - it can usually be found on page 1 or 2 of the showing forum. If you post a separate thread on your dog's individual win, it tends to get lost as time moves on.

So Cheeers everyone - here's to a great year. :cheers:
Just like to wish all my` down under `mates all the best in and out of the ring for 2009

Jackie and the Mulcair gang
Good luck to all this year, with lots of new babies to hit the ring in the coming month or so should be a great year. :teehee:

And continued success to you in 2009 Jax :thumbsup:

Lisa, Electra and the Heathen Horde
All the very best wishes to everyone for 2009 in and out of the ring.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's results and achievements throughout the year. :D

Take care

Cristina and all the crew at Mychaka
My boss gave me Friday and Monday off so I made the looooong trip to Maryborough on the weekend to see my parents and young Autumn (Dino x Jill daughter). Didn't expect to do exceedingly well in the shows but am very happy with what we achieved. It was a small entry of whippets (there were two intermediate bitches entered as well but both were absent) but there was quality there, so I am quite satisfied with our wins.

Maryborough KC Open Show 3/1/09 Mrs N Zimmerle

State Bred Dog

Gr Ch Aslan That's Amore Best Dog RUBOB L. McCrindle

Puppy Bitch

Aslan Petticoat Junction Res Bitch W&I McCrindle

Aust Bred Bitch

Ch Phoenway Blue Anjil Best Bitch BOB ABIG L. McCrindle

Open Bitch

Calahorra Longhorn Creek Calahorra Knls (handled by A. Adams)

Maryborough KC Champ Show 3/1/09 Mrs M Rose

State Bred Dog

Gr Ch Aslan That's Amore CC BOB SBIG L. McCrindle

Open Dog

Piaffe La Strada RC RUBOB U Greenwood

Puppy Bitch

Aslan Petticoat Junction RC W&I McCrindle

Open Bitch

Ch Aslan Chanson D'Amour CC L. McCrindle

Calahorra Longhorn Creek 2nd Calahorra Knls

Piaffe La Boheme 3rd U Greenwood

Maryborough KC Champ Show 4/1/09 Mrs T McNeill

State Bred Dog

Gr Ch Aslan That's Amore RC SBIG L. McCrindle

Open Dog

Piaffe La Strada CC U Greenwood

Puppy Bitch

Aslan Petticoat Junction W&I McCrindle

Open Bitch

Ch Aslan Chanson D'Amour CC BOB L. McCrindle

Calahorra Longhorn Creek 2nd RC RUBOB Calahorra Knls

Piaffe La Boheme 3rd U Greenwood
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Well done Lana, a great start to the new year :thumbsup:
bump ;)

in the hope of Victorian results today....
Just back from an awesome weekend in Victoria to visit Holly & the babies :wub: It was brilliant to meet lots of K9'ers & see some lovely dogs - I don't have a catalogue so can't post the results - do you have one Elly???

My brain is in holiday mode & in desperate need of some sleep - so a few things are seriously fuzzy, but here goes a few results until someone else can list them:


Saturday: Talkabout bitch - pet name I think is Savannah??

Sunday: Griffiths/Moore: Ch Byerley Longines (spell??) - he was also Runner Up Best Of Group.

Zoe's bitch (told you my head is fuzzy, I have just congratulated her on her Ch title on a previous post & her pet name has dropped out of my brain :eek: ) I can't remember if she was BOB on the day she got her Ch title??

Chucky The Champ also picked up another CC - well done Elly.

Our baby boy Ashton won 2 x Best Baby Puppy Hound Groups which I was thrilled about & at the other show, Alice won Best Baby Puppy Of Breed. Holly managed to pull out a RCC & Runner Up BOB at the Saturday show.

The Friday night show was brilliant but man alive, it was freezing - not really whippet weather & I don't think the babies were impressed at having to show when it is their bed time :p

Saturday & Sunday were both beautiful days with what I would call just about perfect weather! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Australia & putting some faces to names, it was great to meet everyone and have a chat, we had a fantastic time. Kate spent most of her time in the pug ring - she had a blast showing 3 pugs that clashed mostly with the whippets - she only managed to show Holly once to win RBOB, my efforts were less successful :lol:
thanks for the results Lynda - glad you had a great time, next time you have a holiday in Oz it had better be up in Qld - to see the Steelie Wonder and have a party with us. ;)
Glad you had a great time in Oz Linda, you all come back now ya hear ;)

Just wanted to share a pic of my show team :teehee:

We've had buckets and buckets of rain here since Sunday night, the wind has been the worst and after a couple of days of not wanting to get their feet wet the whippies had had enough and got out and played in the swamp of a back yard. Only Steelie (such a gentleman) stayed quite refinded and only got dirty up to his knuckles, the rest were a mess from head to toe. Big clean up before bed. :wacko:


and my wild child Tequila - last one in of course :p

last one - Tequila with the ring in's, 'Hunter' the Pharoah and my Dobe pup 'Rogue' and a photo of the three amigo's :p (well Tequila, Lyric and Amigo)


Saturday, 24 January 2009 - Northland Canine Assn - NZ

Judge: Pauline Suhr (NSW) Entries: 18

DCC & NZOB: Ronndal I've Got Charisma (E. Ekstam)

RDCC: Willingwisp Twist N'Shout For Arjuna (Imp UK) (E. & S. Clarke)

BCC, BOB & OOB: GR. CH. Ronndal Elven Song (E. Ekstam)

RBCC & ROB: Skyeway Want Ya Back At Shenace (Imp-Aust) (L. Watson)

BPOB: Shenace Angel In Disguize (L. Watson)

POB: Highlife Prime Suspect (P. Edbrooke/S. Pearson)

JOB: Beesholme Kiss N Run (T. Fox/H Faifua)

IOB: CH. Highlife Winged Flight (P. Edbrooke/S. Pearson)

BOG & OOG: GR. CH. Ronndal Elven Song (E. Ekstam)

Reserve & Open in Show: GR. CH. Ronndal Elven Song (E. Ekstam)

Sunday, 25 January 2009 - Northland Canine Assn - NZ

Judge: David Johnson (S. Aust) Entries: 16

DCC & ROB: CH. Shenkhan Whimsical Wizard (T. Fox/H. Faifua)

RDCC & NZOB: CH. Shenkhan Hot Apple Pie (P. Edbrooke/S. Pearson)

BCC, BOB & OOB: Skyeway Want Ya Back At Shenace (Imp-Aust) (L. Watson)

RBCC & JOB: Beesholme Kiss N Run (T. Fox/H. Faifua)

BPOB: Shenace Angel In Disguize (L. Watson)

POB: Saramar Northern Exposure At Highlife (P. Edbrooke/S. Pearson)

IOB: CH. Shenace Parades In Public (T. Fox/H. Faifua)

RBOG & OOG: Skyeway Want Ya Back At Shenace (Imp-Aust) (L. Watson)

BPOG: Shenace Angel In Disguize (L. Watson)

Baby Puppy in Show: Shenace Angel In Disguize (L. Watson)
I also had a very awesome call from Melbourne - Australia - on Saturday our wee Holly (Kana-ka Don't Ask Directions To Shenace) won a 25point CC & RBOB - there were about 60 whippets entered! And her son Ashton (Shenace All In At Hogarth) picked up another Best Baby Puppy Of Group.

Then a quick email yesterday to say that Ashton won Best Baby Puppy In Group again, out of his 5 Champ shows to date - he has had 4 Best Baby In Groups - a fantastic start to his show career in good competition! Ashton's sister Ashley (here in NZ) has only had 2 champ shows to win 1 x BPIS, so I am thrilled with these baby's - I feel a lot of fun coming our way in 2009!!


ps... Ashton & Ashley are from our AI litter - Alice has also won BPOB beating Ashton & others at the one show Ashton didn't get the BPOB! Little Lily is the bridesmaid to Ashley at this stage - Kate is not impressed!! It could go either way with these to girls - so fun times ahead!
Well done Lynda - with all your results at home and in Oz!

Gladstone Kennel Club Sunday 25th January Mr R F Marshall

Baby Puppy Dog

KASSDALEE MY WAY OR NO WAY BPIG (Smith/Veurman/Bazzocco)

State Bred Dog



Aust Bred Dog


Open Dog


Junior Bitch


Intermediate Bitch


ALLGARD HOT TO TROT 2nd (Richardson)


Aust Bred Bitch




Open Bitch

Congrats on the Best in Group Lana :thumbsup: Good to see little piper taking another CC.
Piper and Dino worked hard in BOB Gary - I felt a great sense of achievement when he awarded it to Dino. :thumbsup:
Well Done Lana :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: And well done Dino And Piper

Cheers Michelle

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