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2009 Oz & Nz Show Results

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I just want to add to that and sing Dino's praises for a second. The boy from the country came to the city and was entered at 6 shows. He didn't get shown at one because I considered it too hot for him. His daughter won BOB that day. At the other 5 - he was CC & RUBOB at three of them, with one class in group win (under Whippet Specialists) at another he was BOB & class in group and at his last he was BOB and RIG. Not bad going for the country bumpkin, huh?
And now you can bugger off back to the bush :D

No seriously- congrats again on doing so well down here Lana - great to see some other dogs being exhibited and going up for a change for something different. Good to see.

Congrats to you too Elly on the wonderful result with Tia.
And now you can bugger off back to the bush :D
LOL :lol: :p :D :lol: We are! Tomorrow. Great to see you Gary will catch up with you again in May, hopefully. Will have to make sure I sit near you so we get more of a chance to chat.

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