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2009 Oz & Nz Show Results

Has anyone heard the results of last nights NSW Whippet Club specialty?
Has anyone heard the results of last nights NSW Whippet Club specialty?
My home bred girl Ch Stonegrace Alilnite Magic - got BIS!! Yay for Delilah and for Denise who has now handled her to her Grand title. :D

Sorry thats the only results i know!!
A hot night preceeding the Spring Fair which saw lots of absentees over the 4 shows. The Whippet Club Show started at 7 pm so we probably had the best show conditions over the whole weekend.

JUDGE: Ms Maria Kavcic (Slovenia)


Ridgesetter Carbon Copy

Dachlah Fernolli Dicksonia (IID)

Byerley Diesel




Isilwane Rapscallion


Taejaan As Good As Gold

Ridgesetter Dante Of Belrose

Isilwane Dontcare What Uthink


Ch Tezer Mad Season

Ridgesetter Spot On


Ch Taejaan Poetic Justice

Ch Arbee Popular Pick

3rd absent


Ch Peperone New Sensation

Ch Byerley Longines

Gd Ch Tezer Feel Free To Stare

CHALLENGE: Ch Peperone New Sensation

RESERVE: Ch Taejaan As Good As Gold


Ridgesetter Courtney Cox

Byerley Bling

Swifthund Make Mind Kinky



Zatini Insatiable

Isilwane Tia Dalma

Byerley Frenchconnection


Isilwane Plain White T

Taejaan Pictures Of You

Beauroi Summer Reign


Ch Taejaan Bird On A Wire

Birrarun Ohgolly Msmolly

Isilwane Ice Queen


Gd Ch Taejaan Butterfly Effect

Ch Ridgesetter Maid In USA (IID)

Ch Birrarun Licorice Twist


Ch Stonegrace Allnitemagic

Gd & Am Ch Ridgesetter Fly The Flag ET SC

Ch Ridgesetter Etain

CHALLENGE: Ch Stonegrace Allnitemagic

RESERVE: Zatini Insatiable

BOB: Ch Stonegrace Allnitemagic (Open)

RUBOB: Ch Peperone New Sensation (Open)

BABY: Ridgesetter Carbon Copy


PUPPY: Zatini Insatiable

JUNIOR: Isilwane Plain White T

INTERMEDIATE: Ch Taejaan Bird On A Wire

AUST BRED: Ch Taejaan Poetic Justice

OPEN: Ch Stonegrace Allnitemagic

Regardless that I bred her, congratulations to Lisa with Electra, who at almost 9 years of age and after 4 litters, can still hold her own in competition. She ran around the ring wagging her tail Thursday night – and beat me with Clover!! : D

Also, both my babies were out of Cooper, the RUBIS, so Ellen and I are pretty happy.

Thanks for the full results Toni, while it would of been nice to meet up with some people I'm glad I chose to forego making the trip and change my plans to early next year, hopefully it won't be so hot then. Congratulations to Stonegrace on a bitch you bred obtaining her grand.

Congrats to all place getters at the Whippet Spec,, hope the wins continued over the weekend for you all. :) and you've all made it home safely to your aircon :)

Back in Victoria where it has been raining all weekend!! Thanks so much to John and Toni for looking after Cooper so well for me! It was stressful work sitting on the couch on Thursday night wondering what was happening!!

I turned up Friday night and he couldn't have cared less whether I was there or not!! I think he spent his time playing with his son Laser and the rhodesian ridgeback "Duke" was just a funny coloured version of his best friend, dobermann "JD" in Victoria!! A definate home away from home for him!! Those salukis though he thought were just plain "weird"!!

Saturday, we had a spa outside and Cooper decided to follow me in!!! The funniest thing I've ever seen was this poor whippet go under the water, and Toni grabbing him before he drowned!!! Clearly he had no idea that he couldn't swim!!

I left Sunday and the word on the street is that he hasn't even missed me (traitorish little dog!!) He's clearly having way too much fun to miss his mummy!!



Congratulations to the Winner and all placegetters.

Thankyou Ridgesetter for the full results. :)
The BIS winner is a nice type. Love the curvy whippys. What's the breeding?

Elly, don't you just love it when you go get your dogs and they could care less to see you :'(
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Congrat's to all winners, great to see the full results ;) Also lovely to see piccy's of best dog & best bitch, well done all.

Had our 1st lot of shows in a month & pleased with Sage winning BCC at both shows, 2nd show under Mrs F Harris from Tasmania she won Runner Up BOG and onto IIS under M McKenzie from Qsld. The stakes classes were judge by Mrs S Reeve from NSW where Kobi made the finals in the Puppy Stakes & Ashley got thru to the finals in the NZ Bred stakes :wub:

BUT.... the highlight of the weekend was Kate's first weekend eligible to compete in JDH - Kate turned 12 a couple of weeks ago & has been desperate for a JDH heat.

We are very proud to report that Kate was placed 2nd, a super effort with extremely tough competition - Kate did a lovely job of Ashley whippet & her swap dog "Pirate" the Clumber Spaniel. There are only 5 heats in the North Island to qualify for the finals at our Nationals - she was to young for the 1st heat & 2 of the others are way down the country so she will realistically only have one more chance to try & qualify. I was a very proud mother :wub: :wub:

I also hear Sage's half brother in Adelaide had a super weekend & a bit win to share, c'mon Michelle - chop, chop (w00t)
The BIS winner is a nice type. Love the curvy whippys. What's the breeding?
I cant take all the credit really except that i chose the dam as my foundation bitch and campaigned her here in the west and i chose the sire to put over her - producing a lovely litter. Denise did all the hard work of titling her! :D

Anyway Delilah's breeding is mostly Denise's Swifthund stuff and Statuesque lines.

Gr Ch Swifthund Pistols At Dawn (Au & Am Ch Countrywinds Whoze Ever x Ch Swifthund Pretty On Purpose) X Swifthund Watimtalknbout (Ch Swifthund See Ns Blevin x Statuesque Love Me Do).

With some of Denises best dogs behind her - Gr Ch Swifthund Next Of Kin and Gr Ch Statuesque Jewel Thief.

I have her 5 month old son here with me now (from a Taejaan boy) who ive just started showing and hoping to do well with.

Well done to all the place getters and to all who placed at the Spring Fair, that heat must have been a shocker!
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Way to go Kate :cheers: and her proud Mummy - I'm sure she'll qualify at the next one, all the very best :luck:

Congrats on your wins too with the whippies Lynda :D

I also hear Sage's half brother in Adelaide had a super weekend & a bit win to share, c'mon Michelle - chop, chop (w00t)
Michelle is having computer troubles ... well actually its more like K9community troubles!! She can see the forum but can't post at the moment for some strange reason ... therefore on her behalf ...

Tag ... aka Myskyan Dream Out Loud had a fantastic weekend just gone in Adelaide at the Junior Kennel Club Championship shows. On Saturday under breed specialist Sue Sutherland (Baronrath Whippets) Michelle and Tag were awarded Best of Breed, Best in Group (Group 1st) and RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW!!! :cheers: :cheers: Then on Sunday they again won Best of Breed and were also awarded Junior in Group!! :cheers: :cheers:

Awesome results!! Here is a pic of Michelle and Tag which Michelle has allowed me to post:

Oh dear ... can anyone fix that picture for me?? It's tiny as!!!
Congratulation Michelle and Tag on your Brilliant Weekend :cheers:

fantastic news :cheers: here's to many many more weekends like this for you.

(sorry did have a go at enlarging photo but just came up blury - hopefully someone else has more success) :unsure:

Oh dear ... can anyone fix that picture for me?? It's tiny as!!!
Think you have resized rather than compressed. Resizing makes the pic smaller and alters the pixels. Compressing keeps the pixels (and quality) but reduces file size. If you have the original, try compressing through Windows Picture Manager. Hope this helps.

OK ... take 2!!!


Also forgot to mention that Tag is only 14 months old and is from Michelle's first litter and is also very close to his Australian Title!! Just so pleased for Michelle!
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WAHOOOO.... Go The Tagman & Michelle :thumbsup: Awesome results from the handsome young boy, he is looking :wub: :wub:

Half sister Sagey (both Sage & Tag are sired by Aust/NZ CH Shenace Good On Ya) sents a big paw high five over to you ;) and says keep up the good work.

Congrat's Michelle - it's exciting getting those CHAMP titles on the kids, I'm sure he won't be far away from joining his sister with an AUST CH title shortly :teehee:

And Elly - Coopy sounds like a total traitor, tell him that he's not your fav anymore (with your fingers crossed behind your back) that should kick him back into shape (w00t) He still on holiday???
No ... much to Coopy's disgust he is back home!! Considering that I was so worried about letting him go in the first place it was a total waste of effort on my behalf!! Came off the plane fine at both ends (compared to a dobermann we sent to Tasmania who came off a quivering mess!) ... I think he had a great time at Toni's, playing with his son Laser (was soo cute to watch ... I wonder if they know they're related?) and also found out where his girlfriends live!!! Should have seen them walking into the show together!! Mum and Dad and son!! 8)

When he came home he was probably more excited to see his dobermann mate JD who promptly rolled him in the mud as punishment for going on holidays without him! :eek: I think Connie was a little disappointed, she thought she was back to being the only whippet and therefore very very special!!

Couldn't have cared less about me (I'm old news!) and it will be very interesting next time I'm at a show and Toni is there, to see if he behaves in the ring for me or spends his time looking for his new best friend for life!! :rolleyes:
Oh Elly aren't they just priceless - We think we are the whole world to our dogs when really it's the other way around. :D

He probably just thinks he's all grown up now and can do without all his mum's kisses :teehee:


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