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3 Whippets For Rehoming

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Oh this is what infuriates me so much.

Poor Rosie, I really hope she is okay. I longed to take her and let her while away her time in my bed and on the settee but with a couple of youngish ones here it would undoubtedly be too much for her. I wish her every luck in her new home.

But Casper. Please? I just don't understand why vets are so damn adamant about the HUGE risk and HIGH risks re testicular cancer. The lad is eleven years old. He has undergone hideous upheaval. He supposedly has a heart murmur and they want to knock him out to get his bits off. Give the lad a chance for goodness sake. If he does have heart problems I'd say the risk of the anaesthetic at his age is far greater than the small risk he may develop cancer of the testicles. At least give him a chance to get over the stress of all the moving around bless him.

Sorry, but I get so cross sometimes with all this cancer talk, and I just feel it's an excuse most of the time. I feel so bad for these oldies and would love to take one on, especially having lost my eldest lad this summer to a fatal accident where he was taken from me much too soon bless him. I know it isn't worth asking though as rescues won't rehome to me because mine are entire.

Good luck to all three, I really hope they find kind, caring, forever homes to live out the rest of their days.

Not open for further replies.

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