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A Memory To The Ones We Loved


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This is a place to talk and remember our four legged family members who we’ve loved and lost.

Our dogs are such a big part of our lives and loosing them can be so painful.

If it’s a recent loss or even an old memory that you would like to share then please do.

Remember, we are all here for you
This thread is especially close to my heart after loosing my boy Dennis in July.

It was so important for me to talk about him with other dog loving members who truly understood the pain in loosing your four legged family member.

it’s still painful for me to think about him and whenever I see a black lab out who is grey around the whiskers I find it hard not to cry.
I'd like to share a picture and remember my Jake. As some of you know I lost him almost 2 years ago now to dementia and chronic arthritis. This forum really helped me through that time as I felt I was grieving for him whilst he was still with me, every time I lost a bit more of my boy to the dementia. It's lovely to have a place to share these sad and difficult times with people that understand... right, where's the tissues..
Two years already, Flobo? I had no idea it was that long.
I can honestly say I remember and miss every dog I have lost but Gypsy who was a lovely Sheltie that I lost in 2010 was and is special. She was the last Sheltie and indeed the last dog that my wife and I shared, she was thirteen when I lost my wife so she was already a senior. I remember telling a friend that I didn't know what I would do when I lost Gypsy, she told me I would have her as long as I needed her. (she insists she is a bit of a psychic but you can tell I'm a sceptic). I said I wouldn't be able to get a pup till I retired which was nearly 5 years off so couldn't see it but hoped she was right. Anyway yes she made it till I retired in fact I brought Folly home and two days after Gypsy totally collapsed. I rushed her to the Vet who said their was nothing they could do so it was time to let her go. That little dog was a real life line for me for ages, we would walk for miles, I hated being at home so if I didn't have things to do or I was at work we walked. When I was more settled she kept me company at home I just couldn't have wished for a better companion. Though loosing her was hard I am glad I had the strength to let her go when her time was up and didn't let her suffer.
When we lost mitzy 9 years ago husband said it was a worst pain than losing his parents ...our dogs dont judge us they just love us unconditionally and thats why its so hard when they leave us ....all my lost dogs walk with me every morning. ..
Peanut. We had everything under control but after the spleen came back benign? We never expected liver cancer. We did our utmost best my dear boy, us and the vet. You was beautifull, stuborn, loving and fiers.We always tried to protect you, even when you climbed this stupid tree trunk. Wish we could have you much longer but it is what is. You would have loved Botty evethough you had your preferences. We miss you, our great little special furry soul!
I’ve just had news that’s Dens brother (from another mother) is very poorly. He’s just turned 13 and is 3 months younger than Dennis.

It’s really hit me again loosing Den. The pain of knowing what Alfie’s owners have to go through and the tough decision they have to make is reminding me of the day we had to make that choice for our dear Dennis.

What I would do to be able to cuddle him again or watch him as he dreams.
Josie, I know that feeling. Its something that will always stick with you. It becomes eassier to carry but going away it will never.
It is so hard, I find no matter how long it's been if you know someone who has just lost their dog, in a heartbeat you feel their pain too... there does slowly come a time though when you start remembering the wonderful lives you had together more than the end time and you can smile again or love another.
I love the pic of Jake in my avatar, it always makes me smile...that was a good day, 1st prize for 'best conditioned veteran' at doggy pride, he was rather chuffed!
I just noticed this thread and made me want to cry.
I just had to put my best friend Zak in it will be 4years in April since he passed and it still hurts.
Gorgeous boy you'll never be forgotten x
I discovered a couple of old Polaroid snaps yesterday:


When I was four, my parents went out looking for a small male puppy. We saw Sheena, a two-year-old rough collie, in a pet shop. I remember going into her run to say hello, and she sat and offered me her paw... So despite saying that she wasn't what we were looking for, my dad went and collected her the next day. She was a devoted family dog, and though very much Dad's dog, she was more or less nursemaid to my brothers and me. This was back in the days when you didn't realise you weren't meant to try to ride or sit on your dog, but she bore it all with good grace.

Honey, the Yorkie, was bought for me as a puppy when I was 10. When she first arrived, Sheena wouldn't even look at her - Dad would push her nose round to point in Honey's direction, and she'd look away again. But she soon warmed to the new arrival, gently 'Grrrrrrrrrring' with wide jaws as Honey jumped up at her. It always seemed that Honey was the instigator, but sometimes Honey would walk past Sheena when she was apparently flat out asleep, and Sheena would lift a paw and plonk it on Honey, starting another game.

Honey had the sweetest nature - untrained beyond sit and a 5-second stay, rarely walked (she hated walks, and again, back then, we were clueless), but happily pootling through life. She ended up deaf, blind, diabetic, toothless, incontinent and needing a helping hand to stand up, but was still content and happy to have cuddles for some time. She was 16 when she finally decided she'd had enough.

I still miss them:emoji_blue_heart:
Buttercup xxx.jpg
This is suzie it will be 8years since she passed and didn't seem right not to put her on here. She was a very poorly girl but she didn't let it stop her. She was mummy's angel x
Sadly missed and never forgotten x
As I have talked about the sudden loss of my yorkie, over 20 years ago now, I thought I should honour her memory here.. My beautiful little Holly, adopted at the age of 12 and passed 2 years later, a happy, spirited, shining soul who lived every day twice! Always in my heart..(even after all these years I'm still welling up thinking of her...)
I came across this poem recently and thought it was beautifully written about something we can all relate to i'm sure, so thought I would share it, you may want to grab a tissue!

From Friend To Friend

You’re giving me a special gift,
So sorrowfully endowed,
And through these last few cherished days,
Your courage makes me proud.

But really, love is knowing
When your best friend is in pain,
And understanding earthly acts
Will only be in vain.

So looking deep into your eyes,
Beyond, into your soul,
I see in you the magic that will
Once more make me whole.

The strength that you possess,
Is why I look to you today,
To do this thing that must be done,
For it’s the only way.

That strength is why I’ve followed you,
And chose you as my friend,
And why I’ve loved you all these years….
My partner ‘till the end.

Please, understand just what this gift,
You’re giving, means to me,
It gives me back the strength I’ve lost.
And all my dignity.

You take a stand on my behalf,
For that is what friends do.
And know that what you do is right,
For I believe it too.

So one last time, I breathe your scent,
And through your hand I feel,
The courage that’s within you,
To now grant me this appeal.

Cut the leash that holds me here,
Dear friend, and let me run,
Once more a strong and steady dog,
My pain and struggle done.

And don’t despair my passing,
For I won’t be far away,
Forever here, within your heart,
And memory I’ll stay.

I’ll be there watching over you,
Your ever faithful friend,
And in your memories I’ll run,
…..a young dog once again.

(Author unknown)
Thank you for sharing that is beautiful. ...xxxxx
I couldn't make my way to the end...:( When I say a final goodbye to Jasper, I'm going to say 'Please no poems!' wherever I tell people - I can't deal with them:(
I can understand why some people can never face having another dog ...the heartache and grief is sometimes unbearable
It will be 3 years on the 10th May since I lost my darling Rusty and 3 years on the 8th November since I lost my darling Pepe just 6 months apart and I still miss them both so so much. Rusty is on the left in the blue harness and Pepe is in the black harness.
It has been 4 years since we lost our dog in a million,Travis will always have a special place in our hearts.He was coming up to 13 in this pic
travis 1.jpg

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