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A Memory To The Ones We Loved

That’s lovely. Poignant. Pass the tissues.
Being arty and creative herself she also has some very talented arty/creative friends too which is so wonderful!
Here's a pic of a crocheted Sid someone else made for her, love him!


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I've moved several threads from elsewhere on the forum to the new section Remembering Those We Loved, having searched for threads with 'Goodbye' in the title (and after reading a few, my screen has gone a little blurry...). If anyone has posted similar threads in the past they would like moved here, please let me know.
I was doing a bit of noodling for something else I'm doing and came across this quote from Winnie the Pooh, thought I'd share it here. I reckon for all the pain we experience with our losses, all of us are truly grateful for the time we had and wouldn't swap it for the world, even knowing how much it hurts to say goodbye...x

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