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Acting weird

Violet Turner

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I was wondering if you could help me and Olive?
All day Olive and Doris have been out and about in the house playing fine. About an hour and a half ago I got home and Olive usually lifts her tail and wags it but today we only had a 'half wag' she also had her ears back. I thought nothing of it at the time. I had a quick look over of her about half an hour ago, I felt her tail and she was licking her lips when i touched near the tip. Then checked her bum no redness soreness etc. She won't sit down on her tail/she does sit down but at an angle.
Could Doris have pulled it in play? What would a bee sting look like?
I'm worried about her as she is acting strange and I'm not sure on what to do.
Thanks - Violet
I'd ring the emergency vet to describe her symptoms. If a tail is pulled it can cause nerve damage, and there could be spinal injury. I'm not an expert so I don't know if this would constitute an emergency... but it might so it's best to take action now, IMO.
We are going to ring now will probably update in the morning. @JudyN thanks for the reply
If her tail is dangling at a downward angle it sounds like limber tail, though normally larger dogs like Labs and Dobes get this as a result of mild trauma to the lower back or tail. Vets prescribe anti-inflammatories for it.
21/05/18- 9:00pm we rang the vet, they were not so helpful on the phone (another out of hour number not original vet).

22/05/18- 8:30am rang our vet they made an appointment for this afternoon. The vet did an exam of the tail and spine, Olive did not react. Then the vet made the decision of checking Olive's anal gland... They were full, and Olive was trying to tell us by having her tail down and unable to sit properly. The vet did hurt Olive but what needs to be done is done in there eyes. The vets then prescribed Rheumocam Oral suspension for pain relief. The vet said that if Olive continues to not raise her tail then she will have to go back in 3 days.
Poor girl - but it's good to hear it wasn't anything serious. I hope her tail is up and wagging soon.
Yes it was :D and after paying £50 for Doris' dog training too.
Or try a raw diet that contains bones. Every dog is different but it was the only thing that worked for one of mine.
Yes, i do but i haven't been feeding much bone recently. i will try cooked pumpkin sounds delish o_O
... i will try cooked pumpkin sounds delish o_O

home-cooked pumpkin has too much water content - but commercially-canned pumpkin puree is ideal, it contains loads of soluble & insoluble fiber, both, & works a charm on anal-gland issues. :) I speak from direct experience with multiple dogs, both clients' dogs & ex-shelter dogs in foster care, all of whom had anal-gland problems from mild to severe, many chronic.

It smells & tastes sweet, but it's actually low-carb & very high in fiber. // Most dogs eagerly lick it off yer finger, straight from the can, & will happily eat it added to their usual diet.
The only time some dogs hesitate is when it's COLD right out of the 'frig, those second or 3rd [or 4th...] portions from an already-opened can - TIP: warm the puree for 5 to 15-seconds in the microwave, depending on the quantity U are feeding per meal; STIR the warmed puree [to ensure there are no hot-spots!], & add it to the meal.
Even picky pups usually gobble it instantly, as warming it releases that sweet aroma again. :D

- terry

home-cooked pumpkin has too much water content
Isn't additional fluid in food just passed as urine anyway? I don't really understand why puree is better - if the dog has access to water doesn't it all just balance out? I know you have said in the past that pumpkin puree is easily available in the UK but it isn't really (you can get it online). I have never seen it in a supermarket. Frozen butternut squash is maybe not quite so good but is, on the other hand, stocked in many supermarkets as butternut squash soup is so popular.

for all those who want to swap "butternut squash" or anything else for pumpkin puree canned in a commercial-processing plant, ONE MORE TIME, :lol: - i'm posting this info.
Please, please, please read the stats? - thank U. :)

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 11.19.05 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 11.22.40 AM.png

Butternut-squash, in the SECOND photo, has 100 kcals / 8-oz cup, & 4 grams of fiber,
vs pumpkin's [above] 73 kcals per cup, & nearly double the fiber at 7.1 grams.
Lower carbs, much-more fiber. :)

Also, MORE WATER adds needless bulk to the meal - which takes up more space in the dog's stomach. The dog isn't in need of more fluids - they need more fiber. U are already adding more bulk to each meal, in an effort to get the anal-glands working properly; just how much do U want to put in the dog's stomach, at one meal?

for comparison, this is home-cooked pumpkin -
SOURCE: Pumpkin, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt Nutrition Facts & Calories

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.34.26 AM.png

At a measly 2.7-g of fiber, commercially-canned puree has 2.6 X as much fiber as home-cooked PER CUP.
Can we agree, now, that one is far-more concentrated as a fiber source than the other?

As for sources, how about Sainsbury's?
Sainsbury's - Please enable cookies or JavaScript

... or Tesco's?
Baking Buddy Natural Pumpkin Puree 425G - Tesco Groceries

... or - If U have
Prime, surely free shipping makes it fairly simple, & more affordable than hauling a case of a dozen 15-oz cans home?

fresh currently lists it at £2, or 47.1p / 100g

I'm done, now; use it, or don't use it - as U wish; i don't want to repeat this research again, as this is the 3rd time i've posted these screenshots & links, on 3 different threads. // If anyone thinks it's useless, that i've exaggerated the improvement i've seen, that it's just another old-husbands' tale or it's too expensive or too much trouble to buy it specially for the dog, or "too hard to find" - which it doesn't seem to be, to me -- that's just ducky.

- terry


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