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Ok, I get that canned puree is better, I'm not disputing that. But the canned puree is usually only available online - maybe some of the big stores stock it, or ones in an area with a high population of U S consumers but not in our local stores. So, when you need something quickly, the not-quite-so-good-but-better-than-nothing fresh or frozen pumpkin or squash might be a better option than ordering puree online and waiting for it to be delivered (at significant additional cost).

And, sorry Terry, but I struggle with your writing style - thats not a criticism, it's your choice - so while you may have posted the info 3 times already, I will have skim read it at best.
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If you feed raw, the first step would be to get the proper amount of bone, i.e. 10% (rough guide - dogs vary), in her diet.
Yeah! Chicken wings good! (OK well not for me, I'm veggie, but relished by the boys.)
Would she eat bone-in mince? It doesn't have the same tooth-cleaning properties as whole bones, but should help with the fibre.

Sometimes dogs prefer the chicken wings skinned, or maybe with some lumps of meat pulled off a little - or you could try bashing them with a hammer first so they're not so solid. If you can find a way that she is happy to eat them, then you can gradually reduce the 'processing' till she'll eat them straight.
... I struggle with your writing style ... you may have posted the info 3 times already, I will have skim read it at best.

then, @JoanneF , don't read - look at the screenshots.

Short & simple -
I posted 4 links for
pumpkin puree in the UK:
2 grocers:
Sainsbury's, Tesco's - both in stock, last night - plus online,
plus a shopper's link for price comparison.

Last night, Amazon
Fresh was the least-expensive, at 2-pounds per can; a grocery store that does case-discounts might cut that significantly.

OTOH, I'd choose free shipping to my door; with no car, lugging over 12-pounds of pumpkin would be a PITA.

Simple choice.

If someone prefers to take their dog to the vet's every 6 to 8-weeks for manual expression of their anal-sacs, that, too, is a choice. Each time, it costs the owner money; over & over, it's uncomfortable for the dog; it can cause serious behavior fallout, including resisting every step of the way, any time they must be seen, & defensive aggression.
To each their own. :)

- terry

I can empty her sacs, i just for this one occasion did not think this was this.

re "significant additional cost" of shipping, when buying on-line:

Amazon-UK also offers Prime; in the U-S, for $90 annual, most orders ship free.
In the UK: Sign up for Prime Instant Video

£7.99/month, after a free 30-day trial; approx £88 for the 1st year, £96 thereafter.

With no car, I see this as a worthwhile investment - hauling bulky items on public transit is a pain.

- terry


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