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Any tips to help excessive malting?


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Dennis WILL NOT STOP MALTING!!! My hoover cannot cope with all of the hairs everyday..

I brush him regularly with one that gets his undercoat out but I honestly think I could keep doing this for hours and it would never stop

Does anyone have any other good tips?
It's similar with Jimmy, although less so in the winter months. I've nothing to offer I'm afraid, but interested in replies.
Furminators are meant to be good - I use one on my long-haired cat - and also 'Zoom groom' type rubber brushes. Though I've no experience of this as J has virtually no undercoat and doesn't moult much at all.

Or I've found this: Buy Dyson Groom Brush | John Lewis
That is amazing @JudyN !! Dennis does have a love hate relationship with the hoover ........ very tempting!
I have a furmanator thingie and it is good and all but my dog sees it as a challenge! I could brush him all day like you said but still malts a lot and we have gone through many hoovers - currently I'm on the dyson animal ball and this appears to be the best one up to now (Gone through the entire vax range, lol).

Ive not tried the dyson attachment because my dog hates the hoover
Solid floors and a Henry hoover. I have killed many Dysons over the years. Also it is possible to overbrush if they have a double coat. I do one quick brush about once a month on the short haired dogs plus when they are muddy/rolled in something grotty.
That looks it bit like my hair brush! We might as well share! :D:D:D
If they have a thick coat, rakes are good, like this

Start with using a rake, then use a slicker

And as a finish use a shedding tool (such as a furminator).
You can get right down to the undercoat by lifting and holding the hair with your free hand so that you can pretty much see a little bit of skin and brush the section below with your other hand, feed hair into the brush bit by bit. Hope that makes sense, I'm not the best at explaining! Here is a video of someone doing it the way I mean.

It can take such a long time, and you do feel like it just goes on forever! But you do eventually get to a point where there isn't any coming out on the brush.

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