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At Long Last!!!!!!!


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I can finally announce that Sup Rch / Nch / Ch Ch's Gillette (Mustard x Holli) has mated my bitch Taylor Maid (Stewart x Hobgoblin)

Bomber has been an absolute star, he's been with us since Tuesday night & settled in great, in fact he thinks he owns the place!! And after all the trouble with Ella's dodgy seasons & never standing, she came good an acted the ultimate slut from word go! (w00t)

BIG thanks to Karen for getting me Craig & Sid's number who have been great with me, not many people would lend out their stud dog to a total stranger but it was no bother at all to them, also Rob, Keith, Jac & my Grandad who have all helped lots!

Now we have to play the waiting game!!! :luck:
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brill I have everything crossed here that shes caught :thumbsup:


Looks like showing Ella all that paraphaenelia paid off! :p

Hope there are some happy healthy pups on their way. :luck: :luck: :luck:
All the best mate, Gillette is one of my all time greats!!!!!!
Fingers crossed for Ella, good luck Vicky :luck: :luck: :luck:

Good Luck Vicky - and Good Luck Ella :thumbsup:
good luck hope all goes well,should be interesting to see what gillett throws :thumbsup:
Good luck :luck: Fingers crossed we get some more puppies to drool over :wub:
Congrats Vicky(fingers crossed) hope all goes well :luck: :luck:
(w00t) (w00t) (w00t) parti-colour overload in astley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!....wonder if a liver one will sneak through :b
Congrats to Vicky and Elz, hope all goes well and you have some smashing pups in the not to distant future :D
Hope you get a cracking litter Vicky --- think Gina could do with a few more ! lol

Nice one Vicky, hope everything goes well for you both, best of luck :luck:
good luck vicky, gillette was a mint dog. :thumbsup: would be an interesting stud dog for uptown girl.
fingers crossed vicky! :luck: :thumbsup: hope youll be hearing the patter of tiny paws soon! :D
Well Done to all concerned.

:D Really pleased it worked out - told ya Bomber would settle (he is so easy going-makes himself at home - i forgot i had him at times he was so good).

Fingers crossed and everything else for you.

:thumbsup: and it was no trouble.

good luck vicky , hope everythings a success ... by the way , what was the pariphinalier u showed her ? hehehehe (w00t)

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