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Bichon Frise Puppy -very Listless


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One of our customers has just got an 11 week old Bichon Frise Puppy.

He is, as you can imagine, very cute indeed, but in the 4 hours she's had him he has only been awake 10 mins, he isnt running around, isnt being naughty, isnt chewing, hasnt gone to the toilet...

He's totally listless, and I'm very worried about him.

It is a warm day but he is in the shade and has a fan on him. When I've picked him up to cuddle him he was trying to hold his head up at a funny angle and he was wimpering. :(

His belly is huge - worms? :blink:

Comparing him to Star at 11 weeks..........chalk and cheese. Apparently the other puppies in the litter were full of beans.

Has anyone ever known such a quiet puppy? (A healthy one that is)

he's going to the vets on Monday anyway for his jabs so she can have him checked over then.

This poor lady has just bought hte puppy for company as she has recently been widowed so I really hope that there is nothing seriously wrong with him.
Sound like it could well be worms .........Have you managed to syringe any fluids down him ?......I personally wouldn't wait till Monday for a quiet puppy to be seen ..... They can go down hill and die so quickly ..... :luck: to the little puppy ......
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I bought a puppy last year, purely cos i felt sorry for her ..............she was owned by some pikey chike type gypsys and she too was lethargic in the extreme and showed very few signs of interest in anything. She only took fluids if I syringed her and then once her digestive tract started to work, all she passed was worms. It was the most heartbreaking situation I have been in and after trying to keep her alive for 3 days, in which time she had started to fit, I decided the kindest thing to do was have her put to sleep. Worms were definitiely the cause of the her problems and it just made me so cross :rant: that adequate prevention hadnt been taken to save her from such a horrid short time on earth.

Good luck with the pup :luck: :luck: :luck:
Hi. First off I would phone the breeder. A good one will be very concerned and want to help. You can also ask if the pup has been wormed and when. I would definitely go to the vet today. I agree, a small pup can go downhill very quickly. Good luck and let us know how the pup is. poor lady. :luck:

She told the breeder she was concerned as he was so quiet when she went to look at him, and then agian today when she collected him. He said it was just the heat and that the puppy was fine. I'll ask her to phone and see if he has been wormed - but i doubt it.

I dont want to panic her but I'll try to persuade her to take him to the vets today - I really had no idea that worms could make them so ill :(
I expect the breeder will say the pup has been wormed :angry: ......Worm's will definatly kill a pup :(
A young puppy would worry me if that lifeless - IMO he needs to see a vet urgently
Aww Good Luck little puppy :luck: :luck:

My pup also had bad worms when I got him - soon as he was rid of those he changed completely - :teehee: They can easily and loss of appetite, muscle wasting, as well as lethargy :( Hope it is nothing else too serious.
I have been thinking (w00t) . If the rest of the litter were lively and he wimpers when you pick him up, maybe he has got an injury. Either way I would take him to the vet asap. Hope he is OK, poor little chap.
Yes definitely agree Juley, the Vet is worth a visit - might be something internal. :(
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Any news about the pup ths morning?????? Hoping all is ok :luck: :luck: :luck:
I persuaded her to take him straight to the vets yesterday afternoon and the vet was concerned as he was totally 'flat' - pale gums, not very responsive, hadnt poo'd or wee'd etc.

They've x-rayed him and found no worms, and nothing that looks abnormal - but his abdomen was distended and his bladder totally full of wee so a mystery as to why he hadnt been piddling all over the place.

He's been kept in over night and he's eating this morning and went to the toilet yesterday - all they've given him are pain killers -so that must have been enough to encourage to eat/drink/poo/wee.

Still no other symptons and no diagnosis - but he's much brighter this morning. :)

:luck: to little Henri - get well soon!

:rant: to the breeder who didnt even realise the puppy was poorly

The reason I had trouble persuading her to take him to the vet is because the breeder told her that he would be very quiet for a few days as he's just been taken off his mum, and when she rang to ask if he'd been wormed (he had been 4 weeks ago) she told the breeder that he hadnt moved and she was concerne - the breeder said that she would not have sold an ill puppy and that it was just the heat and the fact he'd been taken off his mother (which is rubbish cos he hadnt been in with his mother for 2 weeks apparently anyway)

So ofcourse she thought he was OK and just a bit quiet / shell shocked.
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Get well soon Henri :huggles: :luck: :luck: :luck:
Poor Henri, so glad she took your advice and took him. Double :rant: :rant: to the breeder who should have cared for the poor little chap. Hopefully he has found a lovely home and will be happy and healthy for many, many years. :luck: :huggles: to Henri, hope he feels better really soon.
Well, I can hear little Henri barking at the other end of the site this morning :D

Totally different puppy - bright as a button, running all over the place (w00t)

He was severly constipated :( His little tummy was full of wood shavings :eek: and he's been pooing for England since the blockage was cleared :x / :D
Wood shavings (w00t) :unsure: :unsure:

So glad he's feeling better :huggles:
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SO glad he's feeling better :) , poor little chap, no wonder he was feeling bad..... :wacko:
Hooray for Henri !!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

We are both glad to hear that he seems to be on the mend and is acting like a puppy should :huggles:

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