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Buffy's Babies !!!


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Well its official, Buffy is pregnant, she had a scan today ( week 5 ) and everything looks good. Sire - Rch Guess Who, she is due on the 12th of January and I will post pictures of her each week - any top tips on whelping etc please get in touch

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There's been some good threads on whelping recently, have a search i'm sure you'll find some useful info. So glad for you that she's taken.

Any standing up pic's?
Im getting excited now :D , just under 4 week's to go :D .

Robbie said it was a pleasure to sire her pup's :p

Keep in touch Jill and keep the photo's coming.
Im pretty sure Buffy has fond memories of Robbie too!!! can you see a difference in her, in that last photo
Ooo Buffy's lovely :wub: Can we have a pic of the proud father? So we can start guessing colour/amount of pups :lol: Although we know who will guess correctly... :- " :D
She does look lovely, that gorgeous black shiny coat :wub:
She's SO pretty! Lovely and shiny and healthy - I love that first "relaxed" pic :wub:

Good luck, hope all goes well, Buffy :luck: I think you'll have beautiful pups.
She's beautiful :wub: .... :luck: with the babies ........Keep us posted :thumbsup:
Thanks for all your kind comments, Robbie is white with black markings, buffy obviously black with white markings, vet couldnt see how many pups were there today, but did point out a backbone and ribs!!!!!! So let the guessing games begin!!!
Well I'll begin I think 4 boys and three bitches 5 black with white patches 2 white with black trim and one black :D

Maybe I'll have beginners luck :luck:

:wub: she is a very beautiful mum to be
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[SIZE=14pt]Very Best of Luck [/SIZE]with your babies Buffy - Well done Robbie :thumbsup:

:luck: :luck: Cant wait for puppy pictures.
Buffy out for a walk this morning in the snow !! Im sure she is getting bigger every day now !! :wub:

Cant find a 'before 'picture, ive only had my new camera for a few weeks

Susan could you post the pic taken at your house?

SNOW???? Where is this snow - we havnt got any up North yet - but its bloomin cold enough - lovely picture. :wub:
We have snow in beautiful Perthshire, I love it!!!!!!!!!!

This is a pic of where I take my two for walkies, they LOVE it!!!

wow, I'd love it too! Lucky thing living there... ;)

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