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Coast2coast Draw & Results

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Big thank you to all involved,great people fantastic coursing,yet again a real success my two are absolutely knackered. -_-

thanks again. :thumbsup:

Big Sean. :cheers:
sparky said:
great pics norbit, much respect to mark and jeff for all the hard work they put in through the day so the rest of us can relax and watch our dogs run.. :cheers:   :thumbsup:   well done to all the runners and especially the winners, little jinx ran out of her skin to be the best dog on the day. :thumbsup:
Cheers mate im sure everyone & every whippet had a top days FUN & sport. :thumbsup:

After a perfect night among friends talking whippets & tasting the local brew (w00t) we were met with a strange mixture of weather but with a top class field of eager whippets & some spectacular coursing on the agenda all could not be better :thumbsup: as alway our slippers for the days sport were top draw :thumbsup: well done Larry your boys were on great form as was Bella well done Patrick congratulations Sean & Shona Jinx was awsome & did not put a foot wrong also a big thank you to all concerned in this event & well done. :thumbsup:
congratulations to you all...sounds like like you all a good time

sean, shona and james

also well done to all other dogs and owners

looks like i missed a great day

keep the photos coming please

after an almost good night sleep (was awoke at 3.30am by two theiving gits pulling a wheelie bin up the street with their i'll gottens gains inside :rant: )

yesterday was a great day, we've been offored the venue again for another meeting as well as several other venues I believe the local farmer (aarons naibour) would like to offer us the use of all his fields :p .

I dont think we could pull out any dogs from yesterdays field as having run badly which makes High Jinx's win all the more special as she realy had to run to take the wins against some very well running dogs.

it was nice as the organiser to see so many owners had put so much work into their dogs to get them ready for the day.

people had travelled so many miles just to support the event which shows their realy are a lot of genuine people still out their who will put themselves out to support others.

it was nice to see the look on Shaun & Shonas face when Jinx finaly got her well deserved award (sorry for keeping you waiting Shona o:) ) but for me it was the genuine congratulations offord to them by everyone there that made the win so special for them.

I'm not 100% sure of the total amount raised between the two meetings (parkstone vases & yesterday) but a rough estimate would be around £500 which considering the lads are looking to raise £5000 is a good amount going towards their total.

once again a big thank you to everyone who took the time, trouble and expence to support this meeting :thumbsup:
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thankyou again for another well run and above all else friendly meet

everyone involved pulled together and made a success of the event,

well done to all the runners who came from all over the country to support this charity event :huggles:

and a HUGE thankyou to Shona, Sean and James for your hospitality and letting me thaw out by the heater :cheers: as usual Jinx ran her heart out, with a very deserved win :thumbsup:

see you all at the next one, and good luck to the coast 2 coast walkers :luck:


thank you for the kind offers of hot drinks yesterday but I think your 12v kettle would of struggled to make hot drinks for everyone?. how many cups do you get for a gallon of petrol :thumbsup:
A HUGE WELL DONE TO JINX, :huggles: this little girl has been knocking on the door since the first time i saw her run, :thumbsup: yesterday she opened it, :thumbsup: well done Shona, Sean & James you must be over the moon. :thumbsup:

Great to see Hugo in the final again another youngster whose making his owners so proud, :thumbsup: well done Larry & Debs. :thumbsup:

Well done to Patrick & Bella, :thumbsup:

And well done Larry & Debs again with Digger. :thumbsup:

Fantastic pics Norbit & Mark. :cheers:

Lovely trophies Arran. :cheers:

Lovely rossettes Bob & Sarah. :cheers:

A Lovely velvet jacket for a lovely little girl, :huggles: well done Jinx. :cheers: and a BIG thanks to Terry & Carole for donating the jacket. :cheers:
Thank you to everyone for your kind words

The girls are knackered this morning in the bed under the duvet :wub: :wub:

Glad we made it back up yesterday as its snowing here just now

I hope Larry and debs were ok in the camper at Whitby last night the temps really dropped :(

*Lesley* said:
Well done everyone :cheers:
well done all the dogs that raced yesterday even the cold wind could not put off the good humour well done bella and digger and a special well done jynx a very good winner good luck at the champs next week.

cant wate for the next event geordie.
Sidney said:
Thanks to everyone today, our first ever meeting and we couldn't have been made more welcome!  :)

It was great to see you there, little sidney was quiet and just took it all in.. :thumbsup:
I was asked if i could put some more pic's up so here's a few more :- " .






great pics norbit, its good to see my cleo striding out on her first attempt at lure coursing.. :) keep the pics coming.. :thumbsup:
Wish we were there .... Great photos, and looked like a great and FUN day as usual :D ...... Congratulations to all of the runners and WINNERS :cheers: .....See you all soon :thumbsup:

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