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Made from braid, thse are very simple show leads. Each has a bead slide to tighten and just slips over the neck. They will be for sale at just £5 each plus P&P ( £1).

First on Jazzy, then a selection.




Are you looking forward to lighter evenings and longer walks?

Don’t you just hate it when the heavens open and it pours with rain?

Now you need never suffer those accusing looks again as you get out your fold away rain mac.

Your Whippet can have their very own waterproof raincoat. Lined with cool cotton fabric, it comes in its own handy bag. Great for stowing away in a pocket or just hang it from your belt.

Each coat has a waterproof outer and cotton lining. Every coat is embroidered with a fun motif and has its own bag, also with matching cotton lining and with a drawstring tie.

Every Whippet deserves a Handy Mac, ideal for those long, wet summer days!!!





Please note, this is a NEW item, designed by us.


DO NOT ACCEPT IMITATIONS These are exclusive to Collars R Us!
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They are £17.50 for the mac and bag. Postage extra.
The ORIGINAL Cozy Raincoat. Complete WITH leadhole. Designed by myself, beware of expensive copies

Mine are priced at £27.50 plus P&P. Cheaper than the poor quality copy I have seen.




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*NEW* Bed Exclusive (unless copied LOL) to me.

The Memory Foam Cozy Sleeper is a sack type bed with a removable two inch thick memory foam cushion in the base. The bed is made from upholstery weight fabric with a soft and luxurious sherpa fleece lining. The base of the bed can be opened up and the memory foam pad removed. The bed can then be washed. The removable memory foam pad is covered with a waterproof outer to protect it from any spills or accidents.

Your dog can choose whether to lay on the top of the bed, or snuggle inside.





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