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Dock Diving


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This looks amazing! Dennis would have absolutely loved this back in his youth!

Has anyone seen an event like this?
I've never seen it, looks like it'd be great to watch, but I did a double-take at the title of this thread!
I've taken Kay to a dock dog club before and she had a blast! They are great groups if your dog enjoys that type of thing. Kay was highly reactive to dogs and strangers at the time and even she was able to calm down and focus completely on the fact it was almost her go to swim. I imagine she'd love it even more now that she's over her reactivity!
Since I had to swim out and rescue him from a lake when we discovered he can't swim, Jasper won't get in any water unless he can wade out gradually and see or feel that it isn't out of his depth. Which is very reassuring, but means that he won't be dock diving any time soon!
I have seen dock diving and it looks good. But as my Whippet hates getting wet we are another that wont be giving it a try.

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