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Dog Birthday Cake

Amazing cake, you are very clever and sounds like you could turn it into a little/ big business!
I like that idea, there's definitely a market for it! People love homemade things for pets, and yeah not only cakes but biscuits etc. too! :)
If I was on sooner I would have given you many recipes... That looks amazing Josie!
Hi Violet! hope you're well.

These doggy cakes all look better than I bake for people - I get away with not by baking the odd livercake as treats. At least my OH isn't tempted to sample that.
It came out great! I don't typically make the dogs a cake - but they do always get an extra treat! I'm not much good at baking, even for, so I'd probably have gone with a meat grind in the shape of a cake with maybe some peanut butter frosting & some yummy treats as decor! :p

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