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Dog dies Quickly from Sickness


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On Friday last we walked our whippets on the beach. They had lunch as usual. By 4.00pm our pack leader was being sick ... it happens. By 5.00pm he was still wretching and sounding like a deer in rut. There were no foreign bodies in the initial vomit, later it was just bile and mucus.

We went to the vet at 5.30pm. He was given a thorough check over and injection of CERENIA to help prevent his wretching. We were told he might be sleepy afterwards but the vet would see us for his planned vaccination next week. Clearly she had no concerns over his condition.

By 9.00pm I could get him to respond to my voice. He was a sleep on the sofa. I rang the vet concerned he might have had a reaction to the CERENIA. When we picked him up to carry him ot to the car blood and liquids literally squirted out of his anus. We cleaned him up and got him there ASAP. His heart rate was elevated. The vet was clearly concerned now and whilst she went to put the oxygen on he just stopped breathing. We tried to resuccitate him. But he was too far gone and had lost too much blood.

The post mortem showed he had no medical conditions and was very fit. The vet has said enterotoximia.

We have put in an adverse reaction notice to NOAH and Pfizer the makers of CERENIA. It hasn't been licensed very long.

The other possible explanation is an overwhelming bloom of Clostridium Perfrigens, a very nasty bacteria giving the same results.

Any one got any views on this?
Oh Im really sad to hear of your loss was your whippet in the sun too long? If Alice is out in the Sun a bit longer than she should she gets really sick.

Faith Scratch and Alice
Bless his heart............sorry you lost him :(
How tragic - so very sorry for your shocking loss :huggles:
I am so very sorry :(

I hope you find answers soon :huggles:
:( that is just terrible, thoughts are with you at this sad time
OMG!!! :eek: Words can't even begin to say how you must be feeling :( I know losing my Tina would kill me :'(

Hope you find out what happened ASAP hun :(
So Sorry - our first whippet died suddenly and in her sleep after a trip to the vets for a small tear in her flank - she too was very fit and healthy and had just been for a run. I couldnt face a PM, which I regret now as we'll never know - well done for being so brave especially if it does turn out to be anything to do with the drug.
So sorry for your sad very tragic... :(

run free....
:( I am so sorry for your loss, and so sudden, our thoughts are with you. :huggles:

How old was he ? Run free little fella. :huggles:

Sonia and Jesse xx
How terrible for you and so tragic for your whippet. Had he maybe picked up and eaten anything on the beach? So heartbreaking.

Our thoughts are with you and I hope you get some answers soon

Run Free at Rainbow bridge o:)
How very sad for you all at home ,

I do hope you find the main cause ,

Its most upsetting to lose anywhippet ( or any animal) esp when they are young and so quicky too ? :(

my thoughs are with you all

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