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Dog Fest


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I just wondered if anyone was aware of Dog Fest hosted by the super vet Noel Fitzpatrick?
Ah that's a shame. They're coming to Bristol which is exciting and we've got some exciting things planned with them coming up. I was just curious to know if many people had heard about it.
No, I hadn't - what type of event is it, @Josie, and where & when is the one in Bristol?
The Bristol show is in Ashton Court on the 23-24th June.

There is a section for 'have a go' which includes dog diving, temptation alley, hay bale races etc

There is also a big dog walk of 2k-4k that you can join in with

Dog Activity Ring

School 4 Dogs

Dogs with Jobs

Lots of dog stalls

You can find out more here: bristol

Looks amazing actually!
They are also going to Cheshire and Hertfordshire
Would love to go to the Bristol one, but I think Jimmy might prove too much of a handful!

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