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Dog groomers restraining dogs.

Discussion in 'Dog Grooming' started by JacksterCo, May 19, 2018.

  1. Caro Perry

    Caro Perry Well-Known Member Registered

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    You got off lightly. It was a full 6 months before my huge black puma of a cat would come near me after the one and only time I had to bath him!

    He'd had a bit of an accident in the cat carrier on his way to the vet and was literally dripping with tom cat wee. I was on my own and he'd have ripped me to shreds if I'd tried to hold him so after some thought I put him in his plastic cat carrier, filled the bath with warm/tepid water and a good squirt of pet shampoo and carefully dipped the whole thing into the water making sure his head was clear of the water A few quick dips and a rinse and we were done.

    He was furious.
  2. Barnyboy

    Barnyboy Member Registered

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    Ha Ha what a good idea, I bet he was one angry cat but nothing worse than the smell of tom cat pee...I bet he loves you really x
  3. Biker John

    Biker John Well-Known Member Registered

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    Caro Perry, he was definately my wifes cat, if she was around nobody else counted for him. If I was in the kitchen and he strolled in he would walk past me go round the house looking for her, if she was in he told her he was hungry she brought him in to the kitchen and gave him some food. Only after deciding she was out would he actually come and ask me for food. He was a big ginger tom and without a doubt he was the boss, the other two cats and the dogs let him go and do whatever he wanted. He actually came to us very young, about 4 weeks, and one Collie we had was a natural mother and took him into bed with her, keeping him warm and clean. That particular dog he would often snuggle up to but the other dogs got out of a bed if he looked like he wanted to get in it.
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