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Official Dogrobes 2018-01-31


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Dogrobes submitted a new resource:

Dogrobes - The Easy Way To Dry Your Dog

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Dogrobes - the easy way to dry your dog. Dogrobes are practical dog drying coats, which are perfect after outdoor adventures, wet walks, swimming, working or bathing. We have a Dogrobe for every dog, with sizes ranging from mini to XXXL and even Made To Measure. We have two ranges, plain or patterned. Check out our website for the latest colours and designs. Dogrobes can be customised with your dogs' name embroidered or a Harness Access Opening.
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welcome @Dogrobes and thanks for joining! :)

Goodbye all of Josie's money and hello nice dog robes! :rolleyes:
Ooooh I might have to purchase this as its more difficult to dry olive when she runs around like a lunatic! :)

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