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Favourite picture and why?


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This is my favourite picture of Misty ever. It was the first time she could go on a longish walk and we took her to the lake. It was February and very mucky. She was so excited with it all that she slipped down the bank and ended up face first in a horrible smelly muddy puddle......I’m surprised it didn’t put her off for life! No harm done apart from having a bath. :D:eek:

Nice idea for a thread. I have several favourites, it's too hard to choose just one!
My avatar pic is my favourite photo of Jasper. It was taken on a Southern Lurcher Rescue walk in the New Forest, possibly the first one he went on, and he had a great time running with so many other lurchers. It must have been a bit wet as his coat looks a little spiked, but that just increases his rugged handsomeness (not that I'm biased or anything).
My dog has a certificate like that too - most handsome dog in our household! ;) I'll see if I can dig out some pics at some point, but like @JoanneF says, it'll be hard to choose a favourite.
I agree! Very hard to choose! But I love this one taken a couple of years ago in Cornwall. We all had such a great day on the beach together. Den loves the beach and it makes me so happy seeing him have a great time!
No I can't remember the beach name @arealhuman - I think it begin with a P (I find a lot of places do in Cornwall ;))

Will have to ask my mum!
It wasn't Perranporth was it? That's a fantastic dog-friendly beach, and the Watering Hole, a large cafe on the beach, is awesome & also dog-friendly :)
Yes that was it! Thanks @JudyN - it was an amazing beach!
Ah, could be anywhere then @Josie - the flat part next to the see reminded me of Fistral beach in Newquay, but I guess it could be anywhere!
So many photos to choose from, but here are a few of my favourites. Photographically they're not brilliant, but it's the subject that counts ;). (I may have posted some of these before, if so, sorry).

Seagull lookout. I like this as it shows a nice profile and he looks alert and content. If there are seagulls, he will bark!

Chillin'. This photo just makes me smile I think mainly because he feels comfortable with us to relax at various places around the house (he's a rescue dog) and doesn't mind having a phone shoved in his face:

Sleepy. He just looks so serene here in his bed, and again very relaxed. You'd better not get too touchy-feelly with him when he's in his bed though, he'll let you know you're not welcome with a very subtle growl, it almost sounds a like a purr!


That's Jimmy. Definitely (this) man's best friend :):):)

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