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Hello all,

So the saga continues with Den...

Last update was that ultrasound and bloods hadn’t shown up anything.

So they put Den on Z/D diet which I mixed with Naturo (as that was what he was having before) to make the switch.

In this time his poos became solid again.

I put this down to his bug clearing up and so when I ran out of Z/D I didn’t replace and just kept him on Naturo fully.
The Z/D diet is £77 for 24 tins!!!!

Anyway, since Friday the diarrhoea is back (about 4 days after I stopped giving Z/D) so I went and got some more from the vets but this morning he wasn’t interested in his food and the bit he did eat he vomited up.

Now I don’t know if this is because the bug wasn’t fully gone or something to do with food.

We’re off to vets again.

But wanted to ask if anyone knew any good wet food for sensitive dogs?

I can’t keep up with £77 every week!

Sorry for essay
It doesn't look good on paper, but wet Chappie is often recommended for sensitive tums. I think at least one lurcher rescues uses it as their go-to food for newbies as it seems to agree with most dogs (lurchers often have sensitive tums).

I'm sorry he's still having problems :( It must be so frustrating when you don't want to keep switching him but don't know if it's the current food that's upsetting him.
Poor lad :( so frustrating when you can’t find out what’s causing it, we’ve wasted so much money trying different foods to get Lily to eat but never near the sort of cost you’re looking at! :eek: That’s crazy! Does he want to eat human food? ( stuff he probably shouldn’t have ;)) or is he off his food in general? Chappie is definitely worth a try and not expensive if he doesn’t like it.
Our vet always suggested Waltham’s. Can’t remember the specific type, but for convalescing dogs. That was a while back though. Is Waltham’s still around?
Thanks all!

I’ve already tried him on chappie on recommendations but it didn’t agree with him :-(

Yep we’ve had lots of probiotics but maybe I should try a yoghurt rather than the paste.
Not heard of Waltham’s before! Will take a look
P.s yes fine in himself - still throwing his kong at me at every opportunity. He’s also just been to his toy box to retrieve ginger bear and play with him!
We’ve ordered some! Will let you know how it goes
I think if it were me I'd be tempted to stick with the Z/D for several weeks (and live on value beans on value toast myself;)) and see if this seems to sort out the problem (I'd also do my best to avoid giving him any other food for treats etc, though that would be easier said than done.) At least then, if he has consistently good poos, you'll know it's something food related rather than a lingering bug, and that it's an ingredient that isn't contained in the Z/D...

Of course, the vet might have something else up their sleeve to try.
I agree @JudyN although he's refusing to eat it at all now :confused:

Keeps picking it all out and leaving me bits of food all over the utility... then he goes back in to try again 5 minutes later only to realise that it’s still the same food and he doesn’t want it.

Very tough to see a Labrador doing this.

Oh this boy is driving me crazy!
Would it be more tempting if you warmed it slightly? Maybe mix in a little boiling water (and test the temperature of course before giving it to him). Don't let him know you're anxious about it and desperate for him to eat it though.
Do you think some of the symptoms are a form of nausea, as that is what that sounds like. Though the diarrhoea wouldn’t be caused by that. Have you tried simple foods like just mixer. Is there anything he’ll eat. When it all started, can you remember anything unusual about the time, at all. Anything different he had done? I had something happen to me a few years back. I felt nauseous, couldn’t eat, was sick all the time. Turned out to be a problem with a neck muscle spasming, stereo-something or other, and the trapezium muscle, and trigger points.
@JudyN yes I can try that. Do dogs find things more appetising warm? - I think he’s just playing me to be honest because he’d quite happily eat human food!
We’ve just left him to it and if it hasn’t gone within the hour I’ve pocked it up and thrown it away and cleaned the bowl.

Oh yes he will eat things @DixieD - he just doesn’t want to eat that. To be fair I wouldn’t either!!
Oh that’s interesting, he does have an old injury in his leg which gives him grief sometimes but if that ever hurts he will pace :-(

He’s just been playing with his teddy for ages and sniffing all the presents under the tree - so he’s happy! Just need to sort the bottom out.

Think it’s a case of working out the right food.... and what he will actually eat!
As Jake got older he got a really sensitive tum with bouts of diarrhea, I eventually found a grain free steamed wet food in a tray sold in Pets at Home(but can't remember the name of it!)and I used to add cooked buckwheat to his meals( a fruit seed not wheat derived despite the nameo_O..), this seemed to suit him thankfully. I also used to give him a bit of 'Beco' complete so he had some crunch to his dinner..Any slight change used to upset him for days sometimes. Slippery elm is worth trying too. Hopefully you'll find something that he'll enjoy to eat and that will work for him:)
So now we’re at a stand off stage.... refusing to eat his dinner!

But happy to go and steal a cooked sausage (pet shop one) from the spare room that’s a Christmas present!!

So we’re at a stand off!!

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