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German Shepherd Puppies

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oooh do you think you will have another litter next year vicki? :D

that would be a better time for me really with alfie my choc lad being 20 months than rupert at 9 month and charle at 5 months i suppose i would be pretty mad to have a gsd puppy aswell (w00t) (w00t) but if OH said i could id still be up to yours in a flash :lol: :lol: but i think for now iv enough to do, with bethany and OH iv got a house full of babies (w00t) :oops:

i cried on sat when my filly went, she followed me straight into their horse box which made me cry all the more because shes so trusting :'( but sue has rung me each day so far with an update and shes doing really well :D :D

got about 2/3 weeks left to make up my mind wether to put my mare in foal or leave it till next year :wacko:
Ohhh whats your mare? go on put her in foal :thumbsup: :p it is such a long for them as it is!!! What stallion you thinking of?

I have covered 3 mares this years, a graded t/b to hannovarian Classic Juan, a trakhener to the german stallion Caprimond and a dutch mare to t/b stallion Rainbow High so hopefully things will go better this year!!!! (w00t)

Here is a couple of piccys, the 2 comp horse's went out with the girls for a holiday, one mare is missing as she only came back from stud yesterday. From left to right as you look we have Milord... Dutch gelding prix st george level, Molly.... T/B mare mother of spirit, Schweben....Trakehner and my OH's love of his life Szchaun....oldenburg at medium level :wub: :wub: :wub:


This one has been here before, spirit....hannovarian out of Molly, Rosentyle....Show T/B

love the first pic, they are stunning horses :wub: :wub:

my mares a irish sports horse out of the showjumping stallion touchstone, i was going to put her to monte carlo who was the foals iv just sold sire, hes a dwb, but i dont want to put her in foal on her own and my friend who owns the yard where i keep them is putting 4 mares in foal next year which is why i might wait.

i should put her in foal then she could come and live with you :- " :- " :lol:

i'll take some pics of her tomorrow :thumbsup:
melanie said:
i should put her in foal then she could come and live with you :- "  :- "  :lol: i'll take some pics of her tomorrow  :thumbsup:

Funny you say that i said to OH today we need another mare out here as molly and schweben do not want to know saskia the mare we have just got back. They are being like to nasty school kids, there is no fighting they are just completley blanking her!!! They will settle in time but if you are really serious oneday give us a nodd coz 3 mares, handful of sheep in 25 arce field there is plenty of room, shame we are not closer!!!

Ohh just looked up monte carlo and he looks lovely :wub: :wub: I am not too good on showjumpers but he has great bloodlines, we did some concorde youngsters when we worked in holland and they were super horses to work with. Milord the big grey is KWPN out of Elcaro who goes back to the Z lines :thumbsup:
thats really nice of you vicky :b how far away are you? what stallions are up your way? i wouldnt mind a nice hannovarian stallion :wub: i must admit i did think that if i did put her in foal this year i would have to find somewhere else for her.
I had one looking for a home till quite recently- she's gone to Glos for the moment, but not sure how long it will last. She is my WONDDERFUl ex-hunter, very very sadly :( now lame (she had a sad, and hard life before I had her). I only used her very lightly, but it came to the point that I could no longer explain to OH why we were paying £95 a week to keep a pet at livery and he said she had to go so she is in foal for a cousin of his having a blissful time in the Costwolds, but I'm not sure how long they can keep her for............ any way sorry to gatecrah your conversation, but it made me sad- missing her and riding............ :(
If you search Witcham house stud cambridgeshire she is stud book manager of the hannovarian society and has 3 stallions standing. She is 15 mins away from us, her young stallion Elroon has just passed his performance test in germany and he is all showjumping lines, he is all black and a real stunner :wub: His name will come up on a google search i think, sorry i don't know how to put on links

OEH said:
any way sorry to gatecrah your conversation, but it made me sad- missing her and riding............ :(

That is sad for you :( At least you have given her a happy peaceful time now. Any one is welcome to join in :)
wow hes a fantasic stallion, also liked glucksfall :wub:

have pm'd you :thumbsup:
Talking of big, I took my friend's Shire horse out for a ride today. It wasn't exactly a fast ride but it was a very noble one..... :- " :D :lol: :wub: :wub:

Tomorrow I'm riding a very naughty pony that hates being more than an inch away from any other horse (very annoying). Or I might be riding the spooky arab 'Rosty'. :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: These horses belong to friends who are kind enough to let me ride for them. :thumbsup:
its lovely to get out on a horse i think :D i bought a 17hand sports horse a couple of month ago and i took him in the field for the first time today to jump him over a few showjumps, it was really hard work cos hes so big (im 5f 5 and about 8 an half stone) but he has a heart of gold :wub: :wub: :wub:
Lucky you fiona!!

spooky arab now that brings back memories, the ad for horse loan said 100% bomb-proof arab mare, went to try it and it almost crushed my hubby's car when it reared, bucked, spun around like a loon!!

he was hysterical screaming at me to 'get off IT, IT'S MAD!!!' while running down the lane away from it as fast as he could (w00t)

we found out that in the field where is had just come out of was a stallion :angry: and the mare was in season! I didn't take it btw :D
I used to horse ride before my car accident,,,boy I miss it so much. I remember about 12 yrs ago,,,before the accident, I took my then Fiance, now hubby for his first hack. it was in the Highlands and what views we had,,,he did well,,walked fine,,,got the hand of trotting, even a little canter. Well us folk who were used to riding hung back a wee bit and let the others either trot or canter on. My horse 16 hh and im just 5ft 1,,well the horse reared up,,Im hanging on to this nutter,,,Off we went,,John said he looked around just as my horse reared up,,he said I looked like I was a real pro, but little did he know,,I was hanging on for dear life,,well this horse took off,,,I decided well what the hell,,,hung on , we over took everything , John looking at me going by at 100mph, he was thinking,,wow she can ride a horse,,but little did he know,,I was scared s***less,,,the horse started to slow down,, thank god I was thinking and everyone commented on the way I rode him,,,never went back to that riding stable again, but never let on to John what I was realy thinking :- " ,,,would love to ride again, but I know I will just have to watch my daughter from now on,,she loves ponys :D

Still love the GSD pups,,,,,still not won the lottery,,if I do,,a little boy for me :wub:

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