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German Shepherd Puppies

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»Tina« said:
Lucky you fiona!!
spooky arab now that brings back memories, the ad for horse loan said 100% bomb-proof arab mare, went to try it and it almost crushed my hubby's car when it reared, bucked, spun around like a loon!!

he was hysterical screaming at me to 'get off IT, IT'S MAD!!!' while running down the lane away from it as fast as he could  (w00t)

we found out that in the field where is had just come out of was a stallion  :angry: and the mare was in season! I didn't take it btw  :D

oh no, poor you, im not supprised you didnt take it (w00t)

a horse where i was working three years ago went mad when i got on bucking and leaping then it chucked its self over backwards and sqwished me :eek: broke my neck and leg the b****y thing :rant:
I want to paint Spirit - he's BEAUTIFUL. :wub: :wub: :wub:
Beautifull horses btw - Stunning. and Yes Melanie are you ok now?? that sounded aweful - Ive fallen off a few times but never anything like that (w00t) (w00t) has it not put you off for life!!!

Its scares the hell out of me as my daughter rides every week now and is off on a riding holiday in July down in York, wondering if she will ever have a bad fall - NEVER I hope.

Do hope you are fully recovered now. :luck:
yes thankyou im fine now :thumbsup: :) my neck still play up, and im no where near as brave as i was :angry: which i get fed up with at times. i also sued the guy i was working for as he knew the horse was more or less unbroken :angry: which i didnt. still it could have been alot worse really and im glad im still here to tell the tale :)
Susan said:
I used to horse ride before my car accident,,,boy I miss it so much. I remember about 12 yrs ago,,,before the accident, I took my then Fiance, now hubby  for his first hack. it was in the Highlands and what views we had,,,he did well,,walked fine,,,got the hand of trotting, even a little canter. Well us folk who were used to riding hung back a wee bit and let the others either trot or canter on. My horse 16 hh and im just 5ft 1,,well the horse reared up,,Im hanging on to this nutter,,,Off we went,,John said he looked around just as my horse reared up,,he said I looked like I was a real pro, but little did he know,,I was hanging on for dear life,,well this horse took off,,,I decided well what the hell,,,hung on , we over took everything , John looking at me going by at 100mph, he was thinking,,wow she can ride a horse,,but little did he know,,I was scared s***less,,,the horse started to slow down,, thank god I was thinking and everyone commented on the way I rode him,,,never went back to that riding stable again, but never let on to John what I was realy thinking  :- " ,,,would love to ride again, but I know I will just have to watch my daughter from now on,,she loves ponys  :D
Still love the GSD pups,,,,,still not won the lottery,,if I do,,a little boy for me :wub:

somehow missed your story last night susan, that must have been awful :eek:

but at least you looked good :thumbsup: :lol:
zilloot said:
I want to paint Spirit - he's BEAUTIFUL.  :wub:   :wub:   :wub:

Ohhh yes please as he is my bestest boy, seriously how much as i could have an early birthday pressy, would also want one of my gsd tweed :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

littleminx said:
zilloot said:
I want to paint Spirit - he's BEAUTIFUL.   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:

Ohhh yes please as he is my bestest boy, seriously how much as i could have an early birthday pressy, would also want one of my gsd tweed :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


PM or email me and we'll work something out. :thumbsup:
My 'worst accident' is lame compared to yours; I came off at the first jump I ever (didn't) jump and the horse trod on my hand and broke a bone. I'm still not a bold rider anyway :b

I didn't post this earlier because I was about to go out riding but now I'm home in one piece I didn't jinx myself!!! :sweating:
how are thoes lovely puppies vicki? any pics to keep me going :D :D

think im getting round OH, every day when he comes home from work i tell him some horror story that could have happend on the walk, think hes getting fed up of me saying to our two yr old daughter 'daddy doesnt care about us' :- " :lol:

anyway pics PLEASE :D

did you keep a bitch and a dog? :- " was just wondering :- " :lol:
Hi Mel,

Thanx for asking, all the puppies are sold now :( and i kept back that dog pup in the end, will add a piccy of him standing and will get some "fun" ones done soon, only had him on his own for a day bless! His name is Sandro :D

It was a hard choice but i have also rehomed Joe, he was seven months old and was not quite what i wanted for the show ring and one of the puppy buyers ( who we know ) also fell in love with him and took the pair, it is a super home on eight arces of land and a far better life for him in many ways, i said to OH if he was a bitch it would be different as we could breed with him at a later date, so his mum has been told to give me a girly next time as i want to continue her lines, the reason i kept Sandro insted of the girl was he was definatley pick of litter for showing which hopefully will make him a stud for me in the future, sorry i am rattling on now it's just so hard letting them go but bit like the horse's you breed them, keep the best for yourself and sell other's on :- "

I do know of a great litter if you talk OH round :thumbsup:

How are all the horse's? We have had all 3 now scanned and confirmed in foal so finger's crossed for next year!! :sweating: :sweating:

oooow hes lovely :wub: :wub:

i no its hard to let an older dog go, i had a gsd bitch last year, she wasnt from the best bitch and i bought cos i felt sorry for her, anyway she was lovely untill she reached 6 months, then she started nipping at the whippet girls, they were not impressed and told her so, but it got no better, she seemed to be forever trying to move them and round them up, she also kept sitting on them, then when she was 9 months she sat on willow my nearly 10 year old whippet whom ended up in the vets with xrays and she had put her neck out, at this point some friends of my horse vet said that they would love her and i cried loads but let her go, she is now living with them at their horse racing yard where she is very happy. i think this is why my OH is'it keen on another gsd. my first gsd jasmine was a fantastic dog in every way just wish i could have her back :(

anyway im going on and on now :lol: :lol:

my horses are fine thanks, shamrock is in the field and im taking sam showjumping tomorrow :)

glad its going well for your mares :wub:

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