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Harewood House Gamefair

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Right, Joe has put my short videos together and edited into one. I promise I will try to get better :lol: here is the link

They go so fast its hard to catch them in the picture (thats my excuse anyway :b :- )
Well I had a good day. Barney and me have been asleep on the settee for the last two hours.It was a really good display. Well Done.
had a good day, was a little worried when i saw how small the ring was, but it well well, Bella wont be running tommorow as she hit the lure machine on the final run

sounds and looks like everyone had a great day.

looking forward to joining you all tomorrow. Sorry to hear about Bella Patrick, hope shes better soon :thumbsup:
Hey that was fun, Tina. :lol:

Hope the weather holds for tomorrow.

Hope to see you all there

Pauline & Ruby
What a lovely day, BIG thanks to all involved in organising the events for the whippets. Some truly beautiful dogs with very nice owners.

All the dogs from the uk Working whippets preformed well and hats off to patrick for driving the lure, jeff and the other guys for rethreading the lure, nigel for commentating and the slippers and judge.

Thank you so much Shona for your help in showing my girls and using your charms with the judge ;) Well done to Patrick and Shona for their showing wins and tanya for her showing and coursing wins.

soooooooo pleased with the Winterfell girls. True all rounders coming away with five 1sts and one 3rd in the showing. Winning the first lure coursing event and coming Runner Up in the second event and getting a Reserve Racing Champion in the racing. There wasnt much in the racing at all and had i not messed up and gave the other dog a two length start im sure Lily would have romped home.

Thanks again all. :D
It was a great day.Enjoyed all the displays,Especially the lure coursing :D .We went to watch the racing,But it was late on and very,very hot.So not many did the racing.

Eric our whippy enjoyed lookin at it all :lol:

A lovely setting and a really good show,I got a a nice red suntan 8)
I had a very enjoyable day at Harewood with Ruby.


Really enjoyed the lure-coursing. Super and very informative commentary.


Big Well Done Sarah with the Winterfell girls. :thumbsup:


thank you all for a great weekend , very pleased with robbie!!!!!!!!!!

roll on the next :D

great to watch sarahs girls flying up the sprint track!!!!
Toms Pics

then the final between Tod and Finn




heres a pic of Tod coolong off after his race, he must have been hots as he normally hate water


next up is some of the pirdes of prey



Toms Pics

here a wild kite that landed in the show ring whilst rach was showing Dodger


and now the fantastic lure coursing put on by the working whippet club






thanks again all see you all at Broughton hall

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