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Heidi the Shih Tzu Puppy

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Gorgeous pictures, she's adorable :wub:

Her teddy is nearly as big as she is :lol:
Heidi is becoming more gorgeous in every photo :wub:
Heidi playing with her Bear stuffy October 14th,flipped over by her bed in the living room,napping beside her toys and sitting on the edge of the bed.Last night,Heidi played with her toys,had a few blitzes around the rec room,had a snooze under the stereo then in front of Mom's chair.When it is time for bed,she gets up and goes to mom,I get her and take her out first before putting her to bed.This morning,she woke up at 5 after 6,took her out then in to eat and back out again then had a little play and she went several times down the hall too mom to see if she was up.I tried keeping her with me in the chair,she kept getting down and going down the hall.Once mom,was up ,Heidi goes to greet her,sits with mom as I eat cereal.I put her in her cage,we went to get a new snow shovel,the old one broke,I am sure you people over there Have down a lot of shoveling,you may need snow blowers for what you got,I think towns and cities over there better get snowplows,trucks with blades on them to get the snow off the roads.In our part of Ontario,not much snow at all,west and Northwest of here,been 6 to 7 feet of snow,one highway was shut down due to stranded vehicles and all of them had to be towed out and the people with them were rescue by the Canadian Armed Forces.When we came back,I got her out and then brought her here and she has played and napped,is doing that now.Next Monday,it will 6 years since I first posted here,you people have been great with comments on all our dogs and family and parade pictures,keep it up.hope you all have a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2011.
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Please keep posting photos of little Heidi - she gets more and more adorable. :wub: :wub: :wub:
Heidi in her bed down here afternoon of December 2nd,playing with her toys,under the stereo snoozing that same night and in her bed upstairs morning of December 3rd.She had a good sleep,was there until 6:30.I took her out,then back in to have breakfast and out again,was biting again so got a whiff of Tabasco Sauce so that ended that.Heidi had a little play then I brought her down here for a bit,had a play and then a nap.Around 10,I brought her upstairs and at 20 after 10 Bev and Irene came,she greeted both of them with kisses and licks,tail never stopped going.She went from Irene to Bev in the kitchen while we had Tim Hortons doughnuts .They both looked good,Irene up to 120 pounds,Bev crippled up some by Arthritis but otherwise healthy.We then went to the living room,Heidi went back and forth between them kissing and licking them,tail never stopped going even when resting.The went home a little after 2,had a few stops to make,Heidi kissed them both goodbye,something Fritz never did.Heidi had her supper after they left,we had Tuna and Salmon Sandwiches for lunch had more later. After that,Heidi had a snack of her food and some water,went out twice then had a play with the Monkey.
Heidi greeting Bev,then Irene,sitting with Irene in the kitchen and in various parts of the living room resting.
Heidi looking cute back from the groomers December 15th,with Mom in her chair and down here later on that day snoozing.For this ride,she didn't get car sick,she was shaking when I gave her to the grooming assistant.The head groomer Michelle said Heidi was one of the best puppies she has had to groom,better than her sister who was in the week before and all she did was bite.Michelle kept having to pick Heidi up,she kept laying down on the job.Michelle had to use hand clippers around the eyes,Heidi didn't like the sound of electric clippers.Michelle gave her a bag of treats foe being good,didn't put a scarf on her,was afraid that Heidi would keep biting it.Heidi will go every 5 or 6 weeks like Fritz or until the hair gets in her eyes.
Heidi on December 17th looking at me after I mad my bed and looking and barking at Taffy to play with her,Taffy too old to play,14 years old.She was here as Larry had to have Rotator cuff surgery,had to be at the hospital for 6:30 so we were up at quarter after 5. Taffy comes downstairs to sleep,I brought Heidi down once and she stands and barks at her to play,Mom decided to have me bring Heidi up,she was going to stop bugging Taffy. I sent my sister Marlene a picture of them to Facebook and she wrote back and had Taffy saying Barry,please help me! Marlene has to have more surgery in April,another hernia,this is never ending.
Heidi playing with a ball December 23rd,in front of Mom's chair resting,looking like a little sweetie on Christmas Eve morning looking out the window or was it me taking the picture? In the last picture,she is her bed upstairs with toys all over the place.She was ready for bed the night before,went right to her cage without help,got lots of praise from mom and I for doing it.She was up at 20 after 6 on December 24th,Mom up shortly after.Heidi then went out then in to eat and out again,didn't stay out long enough and pooped in my bedroom and in the bathroom.She had a play with toys,stayed with mom as I ate cereal,then was down here with me,played with toys,then a run around the rec room then had a rest.
She looks such a cheeky little girl, bet she keeps you all on your toes!
First set of holiday pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.First three pictures are Shannon's dog Buster,Shannon,Samantha and Brandyn,Heidi Christmas morning on the arm of the chair being a little sweetie,Heidi kissing me and Heidi playing with a new bone squeaky Mom got her for Christmas.Christmas Eve started with mom going to the Christmas Eve concert at church,it was packed,the baby playing the baby Jesus cried the whole time while being held by the lady playing Mary,was good with Mom though.I stayed with Heidi until mom came and got me and we went up to Larry and Marlene's for awhile before she went to the candlelight service.Shannon was there with the kids,Larry's Dad and friend and Larry's brother Frank.Shannon's son Brandyn was downstairs playing with a gift that Larry and Marlene got him,a X Box 360,was dancing to songs on it,a video of them shows up at the end,they follow a routine on the screen,there is easy dances and hard ones and get points for how well they do.Samantha danced also,Shannon and the friend of Larry's dad.Shannon's dog is something else,is a year old Black Lab and is a little hyper,Taffy didn't think too much of him,found before we arrived that Buster was trying to play with Taffy outside ,Taffy really growled at him and they were going to have a paw fight.Mom was proud of Brandyn,he got a Literacy award at school for reading and writing,knew how to set up the X Box,can help set up a computer,says he can make a Omelette,Shannon won't let him, has tried to make coffee,more grounds than coffee.We had snacks which included Onion pieces fried in batter,Chestnut wrapped in Bacon and Meatballs on a stick.It got to 10 or so,Samantha was tires so they went home and so did we,Mom dropped me off and soon went back the church for the candlelight service at 11:00.There were 75 people there,all bring candles,sing Silent Night,lights are turned off and candles are lit then exchanged it with other people a member of the choir sings O Holy Night.Heidi was down here with me,was pretty good,cried a little,told her where Mom was but still cried.Next day was Christmas,Heidi got her toy,played with that,I got a hooded sweatshirt with Canada on it,a short sleeved shirt to wear to church,something like pajama bottoms to wear to bed and sweater to wear over the shirt which I wore the next day at church.Around 10 in the morning,we went up to Larry and Marlene's had Bacon and Spinach Quiche,I had 2 pieces of Bacon,Mom a bit of both.I got a gold chain with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo,a facecloth with he same logo and a toothbrush same thing and gift card to Chapter's Book Store .Mom got a gift card to her hairdressers and gift cards to Swiss Chalet and Kelsey's.Heidi stayed home,she did get a new squeaky toy,an Elephant,a scarf with Snoopy all over it,2 bags of Cesars treats,Grilled Chicken and Fillet Mignon plus a can of Caesars Fillet Mignon.Around 4 or so,Shannon came with Buster and Larry and Marlene with Taffy.As I said, Buster is a little hyper,was at Taffy to play here,Taffy barked at him,,buster then chased Heidi,Heidi was scared of him crying and his between the end table and the couch then ended up on the couch with me cuddled up.Buster just about ran over Heidi later on,was concerned that she would get hurt,she was fine,Buster was just playing.Brandyn and Samantha were with their dad at his parents, their Cousins Ryan and Lauren were going to be there,these are my Nephew Jason's two kids,Shannon and Brian are divorcing ,the house has been sold and she has got an apartment,it is a long story.The kids had Skidoo rides,there was lots of snow there which is northwest of where we are,we have some snow snow but not a lot.Heidi loved Larry ,up Marlene also and Shannon when she came,she peed on the floor,was a little excited to see her.Heidi would get up in the chair with Larry to stay away from Buster,Buster had a timeout outside,he peed on the carpet.Supper was good,Turkey,Carrots,Potatoes and Coleslaw,had Broken Glass Tort for dessert.Mom was tired after a busy day so went to bed at 10 to 10.Heidi went right t to bed,was up at 6:15 the next day.She went out then in and out again,then she went looking for Mom,greeted her,was with Mom as I ate cereal.Heidi was down here with me before church,was with me down here in the afternoon.My Cousin Maurice stopped by to visit,his dad ,my uncle was at the hospital with a stomach bug,even a couple of weeks after still pain.
Heidi escorting Taffy into the living room on Christmas Day,Heidi panting after greeting people and running from Buster,Heidi hiding from Buster next to the couch and under the table during dinner,Taffy having a peaceful moment before Buster goes after her again,Heidi cuddling up to me,her spots around the eyes and on her back are starting to turn Gray,buster with Marlene,Buster with Larry,Heidi in behind Buster,Taffy on the other side.Larry stopped wearing the sling,will be his fault if he hurts his left shoulder again.
Heidi wearing her scarf that Marlene got her for Christmas,has Snoopy's picture all over it.
Heidi snoozing in front of me October 15th,looks like she is waving at me,stretched out in front of me sitting among her toys,playing with a Bear stuffy,the last one in the sunshine,Heidi in her bed up here,napping in the sunshine and hiding under the bed.Heidi is now 5 months old(January 16th),is almost 11 pounds,was at the groomers for the second time last Wednesday,not as good as the first visit.She was up today around 20 after 6,went out then in to eat and out again and in to look for Mom and greet her.She was with Mom as I ate cereal,after this she as up with me and kissing me.I then took her down here to play and nap,found some sun to snooze in,had her her supper before 2 this afternoon,,Mom came home form gift shop and she clawed at her so was put in her bed,going to get her out.heidihiding2.jpg
Heidi down here on the evening of October 15th playing with an Orange ball and Heidi under the bed..
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Heidi going up the stairs January 9th and 1oth and coming down on January 15th.Right after I took this picture,Heidi stumbled down the last two steps and has only come down on her own 2 or three times since,any other time,I carry her down.I had been outside doing snow when she first did it,mom was in the laundry room and Heidi wanted to see her so she went down to the laundry room.Heidi down her with Taffy on January 15th trying to get Taffy to play with her,even got up on the couch,Taffy is too old(14) and her rear end gives out the odd time.he was here as Larry and Marlene helping Shannon move into a new place,she and her husband divorce after 11 years,house is sold,been in he new place since last Friday,not sure where he is now
Heidi is so adorable. :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: You have some really great photos of her. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Heidi eating her supper back form the groomers January 26th at 10 after 2,giving my face a lick after I ate breakfast,snuggled up tight to me and on mom's lap snoozing,Mom doing the same thing.She was as good this time as she was the first time,she wasn't car sick but kept moving her head while being trimmed and kept falling down,legs aren't strong enough yet to stand for long,will get better over time.She was goo last Wednesday,she stayed still longer and wasn't moving her head as much,was glad to see the grooming assistant.
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Heidi sitting among her toys up in the living room October 16th ,flipped over on the carpet,snoozing next to the Bear stuffy in the sunshine,Brandyn,Samantha and Shannon,Heidi on Brandyn's lap in the next picture with Shannon and Samantha,Shannon giving Heidi a bath,had a dirty tummy,didn't mind Shannon doing it,in her bed down here and under the coffee table looking at me.She is now getting into the habit of resting on mom's lap,doing what a Shih Tzu does,being a lap dog.She has no trouble going up and down the stairs,still in the habit of biting,especially Mom,tonight has had two timeouts in her cage.She can jump into chairs easily,has even jumped up on Mom's bed,did that a few days ago,it is fairly high off the floor.She will be going shortly to the Vet to be spayed and have a chip put in.Tonight,she has already had her snack of food,been out and had a drink,we have some snow today tonight and into the next couple of days we we will get rain,which is just west of here now in Whitby,Ontario.The Aunties are coming for a visit on Friday,haven't been here since December 3rd.
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Shannon giving Heidi a bath October 16th,had a dirty tummy.
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