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Heidi the Shih Tzu Puppy

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Heidi waiting for Taffy to come downstairs February 16th,standing and still waiting for Taffy to come down,Taffy is 14 and getting slow,is overweight and has trouble breathing,also has trouble with her rear end giving out,Heidi snoozing under the stereo,Heidi looking at Taffy ion the couch February 17th wanting to play,Taffy didn't want to,all she did was sleep and Heidi with Taffy in various places down here after her to play,Taffy was here as Larry,Marlene,his sister and husband went on week holiday to Nassau,Bahamas,had a good time,got tanned and was was in the 80's every day.Taffy didn't do much while here,except for going outside and eating, she slept,she also has a hard time hearing,she has selective hearing,hears what she wants.On April 7th,I started taking Heidi on walks around the neighborhood,she really enjoys,loves meeting people and other dogs,some don't like like a Yorkshire terrier and a Labradoodle up the street,she follows me around the house and sits and looks at wanting to walk ,lets put her harness on and then her leash,she walks really well ,has a drink when she gets home and is ready for a nap.Heidi was spayed on April 21st,went of 20 to 9 in the morning,she was there until 4,when they brought her out,she looked tired but when she saw me,her tail went,she was quiet for 4 days then got back into the playing.She also had a microchip implanted in case she gets lost.Heidi will be 10 months old in a week,tomorrow she will have been with us 8 months,time sure has flown with her around,really love the "little munchkin" as I call her and in 2 months she will be a year old.Last Friday,Mom turned 81,so a few days earlier Auntie Irene and called and suggested we meet them in Bobcaygeon Irene does some driving where they liver,Stella does longer distances.Heidi stayed home this time if we had gone to their place which we might st some point,we will.Heidi stayed down in the rec room while gone and when we came back,found she had done fine ,no accidents to speak of,alone for 5 hours.June 3rd was also a hard day for me as it would have been Fritz's 9th birthday,I am sure he celebrated up in heaven with all his dog pals including Ruffles and some humans including my dad,sure miss his smiling face around here,Dad's and Fritz's and Ruffles too..
Heidi is soooooo cute. :wub: :wub: :wub: Lovely photos of her - she is such a pretty girl. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Can't believe she is nearly a year old already. :D
Heidi after Taffy to play yet again February 17th,Heidi staring at me as I take her picture,Heidi and Taffy sitting in front of the chair and Heidi kissing Taffy.Heidi went to the groomers yesterday,Mom took her,I had a lawn to cut,she kept laying down on the job as she was being groomed,I can do this here on the kitchen counter every day and have no problem,she is at the groomers once every 5 weeks.the groomer noticed Heidi was a bit heavy,we have been feeding her 3 times a day she is at 18 pounds,I walk her every day,we will now feed her in the morning and for supper in the afternoon. She greeted Mom in the living room after getting up,then she has a roll on the carpet and barks,I have cereal and after that is done,she jumps up into my chair and looks out the window,she saw Birds and Squirrels today and her tail was going the whole time,then she had her walk,didn't meet any other dogs,was smelling the grass or trying to eat it.after getting,home,she had a drink then down here ot snooze before the walk,she also had a play of fetch with the rubber rope bone.She stayed here when we went to Wal Mart,gave her a couple of Milk bones,had supper around 1:30,has been with Mom upstairs and outside,is now snoozing under the stereo,Mom going got church to play Progressive Euchre tonight,I will look after Heidi.Heidi 10 months old yesterday,she looks like half the dog she was after being groomed.
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Heidi kissing Taffy February 17th,snoozing in the sun in front of the fireplace February 18th,Taffy snoozing on the couch,Heidi over at the small couch wanting Taffy to play,snoozing under the stereo,Heidi on her back on Mom's lap,Taffy snoozing on the couch February 19th and Heidi snuggled up tight to me in the living room.
Heidi checking out where Taffy had been sleeping during the night February 20th,playing with the Monkey and the rubber rope bone February 21st,Heidi looking at me from under the stereo,snoozing next to the monkey inside the gate,Taffy snoozing on the small couch,Heidi snoozing behind the chair using the monkey as a pillow,Heidi snoozing under the stereo February 22nd and Taffy snoozing on the big couch.
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Taffy snoozing on the small couch February 22nd,Heidi following Taffy around the patio,Heidi snoozing in front of the fireplace in the sunshine,Heidi snoozing inside the gate and then in front of the TV in the sunshine February 23rd,Taffy on the big couch snoozing again,Heidi at both couches to get Taffy to play with her and Heidi snoozing in the bed in front of the TV February 24th.
Heidi snoozing in front of the TV February 24th,Taffy sleeping on the couch and Heidi on her walk today.She really enjoys the walks,she follows me around the house before going,right at me feet,stands and lets me put on the harness and leash and away we go,she stops at every tree or post to sniff it and smells grass too,some dogs like ,others don't including a Yorkshire terrier and the Labradoodle two house up the street.
Heidi on August 16th with her Shih Tzu girlfriend Abigail on her first is hard to believe Heidi is a year old already,she really is a great pal,she asks ot go on the walk by sitting and growliing and if that doesn't work,gets up in my chair and starts to kiss me.that usually works and she follows me to the bedroom where I make my bed with her right at me heels,get changed and off we go.Today,she saw a Pug then a school crossing guard,got a belly rub than a lady with two children,one in a stroller a d one walking,the one in the stroller was crying,was afraid of Heidi would not hurt anyone.Right now she is behind me on the floor having a nap,she will soon have her supper,we are having French Fries from a Chip truck,Tonight,Mom,Larry,Marlene and I are going to Oshawa,Ontario to see Elton John,Shannon their daughter works there ,for the Arena management company and got us tickets.Tomorrow,is my 51st birthday,we are going out to supper,,Mom and I along with Larry ,Marlene,Shannon and her two Brandyn 10 and Samantha 6.
Heidi on the couch looking at me evening of April 23rd,on our walk last Wednesday,saw the crossing guard and got a belly rub and almost home on Southway Drive,saw a Black Pug and gave it a kiss,on her walk on Thursday,saw a lady walking a baby in a carriage and again on Southway Drive saw a Shih Tzu on the back of a couch looking out a window,Heidi saw her and wagged her tail and on a walk on Saturday on Alfred Shrubb Lane.On April 18th ,she wnet to the groomers,i took her in m y car,Mom had to do crafts at church for a Spring Bazaar on May 9th.She rode in a back seat,whined a bit,couldn't wait to see her friends including a light beige Shih Tzu which was probably Heidi's sister.When I went to get her ,she was in a cage,saw me and wagged her tail.She was good at the groomers,she likes licking or trying to lick people,she likes licking faces especially.On a recent walk, she met an older Shih Tzu,wanted to greet it,it snapped at Heidi so that was that.She can tell time,at 2 p.m.,will start looking at me and I ask her if she wants supper and I got and get it,same with her treats twice a day,does the same when she wants to sit on the couch.Heidi is now 20 months old and we have had her over 18 months,has been quite a dog,a real smart one and love her a lot,mom as well.
Heidi flipped over on her back Tuesday morning May 15th,she rolls over other times for a belly,this time it was just for snoozing ,outside sitting on the patio that afternoon,I came up and took a picture,she heard the camera click,I was in the house and she looked at me,on her walk May 17th,saw the school crossing guard and got belly rubs,on her walk May 18th,got belly rubs again from the crossing guard,no dog pals on either walk.That night ,she had three snacks when we were also,when she wants some snacks,Heidi sits and looks at me and I ask her if she wants a snack and jumps up at me.Heidi had a cuddle on the couch with me that night then went to mo and was sitting at her feet.She had a blitz around the rec room after coming in ,Mom heard her whining Friday morning at 3,not sure what it was about,she quieted down.Heidi was with me in the chair on Friday morning May 18th,had her look outside.Heidi had her usual bone snack and when we had our snacks,Mom had Kettle Popcorn and I had lays Chips,Heidi whined for something so gave her some bones,then she had a nap under my chair.
Heidi on her walk May 31st,she had stopped to shake herself,this picture won me a Samsung Smart Camera with WI-Fi capability,got a call on Monday,was sent a form ,filled it in and faxed it,will get it in about 30 days,Heidi chewing on a bone June 1st and on a walk June 2nd.On this walk,I was going by a house i do grass at and htere had been a wind storm the day before,a branch had broke off her tree and tipped over an outside umbrella,I tried to pick up the umbrella,tried putting Heidi's leash around a leg o fa chair,didn't work,she pulled it and ended up getting away and went across the street before a I got he,was not happy with her.Twice on this walk,met Tessa,a 4 year old Bichon and Sam,a 9 year old Lhasa Apso/Poodle,had a great time greeting them both times,they live a little further up the same street we are on.On today's walk,I saw the crossing guard in her car waiting to start work,Heidi was focused on her walk,so didn't see her.Heidi has been down here most of the day,has had her snacks and dinner,has had two drinks of water,asked for a second one,now waiting for Mom to come back downstairs.
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Heidi on Thursday morning looking outside while Mom is reading the Toronto Star,I was warming up after our morning walk,was in the mid 20's fahrenheit,Heidi was wearing her coat,after this I had leaves to much for a 93 year old I do grass for.No pals on the walk.
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Looks like Heidi enjoys watching out of the window !

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