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Hellbound Puppies

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Just for Karen -

this pup was Karen's pick from the litter ! jo and darren just got him back from the lady who had him, as she needs to work more and did'nt think it was right to leave him home for hours alone, jo and darren have decided to keep him, and took him along to a show at the weekend and guess who won Sup pup, BIG RED

will get jo to post a photo of Red with his want to see the pic of him " General Discussion - Lurchers " Thoresby (lurcherworld)

There you go Yvonne :thumbsup:

Simple,I'll tell you how to do it one day :lol:
just came to put the pic on but he's already there. Isn't he lovely, The lady who had him really looked after him. He's a lovely dog. :)
he's got his dad's looks, and he can run to :thumbsup: should see him running at maltby with 3 off his litter mates when they are a little older :thumbsup:
Big red is far more handsome than his dad thank you!! o:)
(w00t) Dannys hurt jo, we will see if he's as fast then and yes he will be whippet racing before you say anything lol :p
You've spelt lurcher wrong. Its not spelt W H I P P E T. He'll be lurcher racing, with Tilly.
:lol: Now,now ladies,don't want any family squabbles :- Both Danny and Red are gorgeous :wub: just not quite as gorgeous as Harv and Duke :p :D So glad he came back to you Jo,and your mums right(mums always are ;) )he'll be racing with non peds,just like his littermates :thumbsup: word of advice though,get your legs and arms protected,once he starts,Duke left 3 lovely bruises and ripped my jeans last week at Blidworth (w00t) Harv left a bruise and tooth mark yesterday at Maltby,and Duke finished off by putting a tooth in the palm of my hand,this morning.All injuries incurred through Danny's pups.Jake's a little angel :lol:
Pup's are one tomorrow!! Can't believe my second lot of babies are a year old already. I'll post some pictures of the pup we kept later.

bloody sore and dont blame Harvey (w00t) it was you :wacko: lol
Happy second Birthday to Red, Duke, Simba, Xena, Beau and Ozzie!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Belated Happy Birthday from Duke and me to the rest of the gang :thumbsup:

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