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Hellbound Puppies

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Cracking looking pups Mike and Les and of cause Gerri the real owner????They look like Bailey now real stocky,hope to see you all at Helston sunday weather depending.Happy new year to you all. :cheers:
:wacko: been really lovely having two pups running around the house like wild things over the new year, the little darlings :devil: pic of George and Karens pup Duke
another of the two darlings together o:)
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family pic with dad Danny ( hellbound ) Harvey ( musclebound ) and my pup Megan ( cracked it + greyhound )
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Lovely pics Yvonne, they need to be a little bigger lol :))
ok Chris very good all you have to do now is go take some of your mum,s new litter lol

p.s how did you do that ?? lol :blink:
See Harveys made himself back at home Yvonne.Will see you later on today,and guess what I could set up my own Maldives fund after tonight :thumbsup:
will try with this pic again
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:lol: Deffinately at the ugly stage (w00t)

he lovely anyway its not all about looks you should know that look at george lol god hes going to kill me for that :sweating:

he looks lovely in this pic lol
He's a greedy blighter,just like Harvey.Why have 1 toy when you can have a box full :lol:
:thumbsup: he can eat all right see if this pic reminds you of anyone lol

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