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Is It Snowing Where U Are?

We got about 4inches of snow in Leicester no racing again dogs can have a good rest
We got about 4inches of snow in Leicester no racing again dogs can have a good rest
;) been snowing here since 9-30am and still coming down
really heavy snow,hope it stops,big flakes :angry:
just had a couple of flurries in newcastle but hasnt lay, it will wait till sat to do that so all the handicaps r cancelled :angry:
Dry and sunny down here but windy, :teehee: any reports from people living in and around the Highgate area would be appreciated for the :thumbsup: di
Around 4 degrees C today, dismal and wet.

Tried to peek at the track this morning as I drove over the bridge (A635) but decided keeping eyes on the road with the rain was a better option. It was worst this morning but just light rain now.
its rained non stop all day today in newcastle :angry:
i wud say its been torrential. dont know if we will get our dog handicap @ westerhope although ive never known it flood not like the rising sun so fingersw crossed. mind dogs will prob b racing on mud lol :wacko:
been trying to snow here for the last hour,heavy big flakes too but its sleety wet hope it dont lay :angry:

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