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The birthday boy - 12 today! :emoji_blue_heart:

Jasper 12th birthday 1.JPG
Jasper 12th birthday 2.JPG
Jasper 12th birthday 3.JPG
Jasper 12th birthday 4.JPG
Jasper 12th birthday 5.JPG
Jasper 12th birthday 6.JPG
Jasper 12th birthday 7.JPG
My boys :emoji_black_heart:


I am so glad we can walk Jasper places like this - this was a 2-mile round walk from the house, and he did an even longer one yesterday with no ill effects. He is getting slightly more doolally though, with random barking in the afternoon, and some nights crying for about an hour, though he's generally settled by soon after 11pm. Sometimes in the day I think he wants a wee, or a drink of water, but just lies there and cries rather than doing anything about it... But then he is generally more needy, and makes more of a fuss if it's coming up to meal time or walk time, or if we're not in the same room as him. And he was pretty needy to start off with!
Two lovely boys. I'm glad you have nice places to walk - makes all the difference.
Sometimes, when Jasper chooses new, unexplored routes to go down, I think he's sneakily trying to get to Upton Heath without me knowing... yesterday, after exploring several side roads I'd never seen before, he succeeded :oops: It was, really, a bit too far for his ageing joints, particularly as it was cold and raining, but it was good for his soul, and mine. He even had a little run in a field there... followed by a nice lie-down and snooze, untroubled by the rain falling on him :confused:

He's rather whingy, barky and needy today, so maybe he's feeling uncomfortable after yesterday. I curtailed his afternoon walk as, though he wanted to carry on, he looked very creaky. Then he couldn't settle when we got home. He kept looking at my 'downstairs' bed, wanting to go on it, but it was too hard for him to get on it, and I wasn't going to lift him on! Eventually, I pulled the quilt off the bed and laid it on his bed - finally, we have peace:) Though teatime is 40 minutes away so he's started whining for that now....
I really think Jas could not have a more considerate owner. Getting into his head the way you do makes all the difference to him.
Thank you, Hemlock :) Though at times it feels as if it's a choice between doing what will make him settle down contentedly and wringing his neck!

He was whining softly for some time in the evening - I haven't a clue why. I was expecting a bad night, but surprisingly he slept through. He seems OK today, but he'll be having fob-off walks. It's filthy weather here, so I certainly won't be tempted to have a longer one, whatever he says about the matter.
Jasper's lost nearly another kg in the last 2 months. In his prime his fighting weight was 35kg, now he's 32.5kg. Being lighter might put less strain on his joints, but I'm tempted to feed him extra delicious delicacies just for the pleasure he'll get out of it.
That's what I am doing with Babydog (now old, has cancer, palliative care only). She has lost weight too, and is having small yummy treats frequently as well as her two main meals, just because. She has always had lovely manners and so there is no behavioural change in her being spoilt.
I absolutely agree, there comes a time when spoiling is totally appropriate!

I remember at Jake's end time, literally, his last meal was a tin of pedigree chum( one I had in the cupboard left from a previous boarder), I'd always fed him raw and veg(though towards the end he had more hypoallergenic, grainfree options as he went off his usual food and his tum got super sensitive), but I knew in times gone by that he used to look longingly at the not so great food others were getting... so the chum went to him and he thoroughly enjoyed it, it was like the best meal he'd ever had!...which kinda made me smile on what was a very sad day...

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