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Just Friends x Marsh Brook Bear


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We mated our Greyhound bitch Marsh Brook Bear this morning to Just Friends.

Bear weighed 55lb and went onto Belle Vue unraced where she graded straight in at A4 going up the grades and winning in A1 company plus 7 wins in A2 from just 35 races. She badly injured her stifle and had 8 months away from the track before grading straight back into A2 and winning first time out. She was brought off license in Feb 2010 and raced top heat at Westhoughton before being retired last year. Of the 6 in her litter to race 1 went Open Class and 3 A1.

Anyone who follows these whippet / greyhound matings will know Larkhill Jo bitches are throwing very well to whippets, progeny of such matings being Sugar Rush, Musclebound, Mule Skinner, Black Diamond, One's Sumnakano & Sammysaurus, Malcolm has also pointed out to me the Homebird link on the bitches side.

Just Friends speaks for himself in what he has produced; English & Scottish Derby winners, Sup Rch & Ch Ch's and you couldn't ask for a dog with a better temperament and would like to thank Andrew firstly for his hospitality and secondly for letting Zac come home with us for a natural mating.

We're hoping this mating produces pups with the early pace of the parents with a few staying in the handicap, fingers crossed puppies are due 1st July :luck:

Hopefully Jac will add some pictures later.
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Great breeding on both sides Vicky :thumbsup: Totally agree on how theses matings are clicking :thumbsup: Best of luck with the mating,and to anyone who's lucky enough to own a resulting pup :thumbsup:
:luck: Good luck Vicky, I hope there are some good uns for ya :thumbsup:
Good luck...sounds a very interesting mating
GREAT BREEDING VICKY , LOTS OF :luck: :luck: :luck:
Some pic's of Baby Bear for those who've enquired - Obviously we think she's gorgeous :wub:






There be few after these lovely shape bitch good luck hope all goes well :thumbsup:
just a little question Vicky why have you not used your own stud dog on your greyhound bitch,don't get me wrong could not of picked a finer dog than andy's dog but just wondered why not your own ,p.s good luck with the litter hope everything goes well for you x

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