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Just Friends x Marsh Brook Bear

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Happy Birthday Jen (Just Jen), Alfie (Spit n Image), Leo (Dot to Dot), Meave (Marsh Brook Meave), Sailor (Black Admiral), Erin (Kung Fu Panda) & Max.

Think we're going to be having some fun with this lot over the next couple of years, from what i've seen & heard they all look to be a bit special.
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Happy 1st Birthday gang :thumbsup: Can't believe they're 1 already (w00t) :luck:
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Jen is looking forward to sharing her birthday muffins with the rest of our gang later :wub:

Happy 1st birthday to my special big girlie and all her litter mates, looking forward to seeing them all run this year :)


Cant believe a year has gone by (w00t) Happy Birthday gang,and Jen looked great last night Sal x
Happy birthday kids!!!

Definitely need a group pik of this litter. All physically stunning whilst diverse and showing some serious promise in their training.

Me & Tony think this litter will be awesome. Best of luck to them all in the coming years of racing. :thumbsup:

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