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Just Friends x Marsh Brook Bear

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Here are some new pics of Erin



Pups are 23 weeks old

Alfie 29lb 11oz

Leo 31lb 4oz

Got some pictures of them in the garden and on the beach, will get one of the girls to put them on.

Well the big babies are 24 weeks old today.

Alfie 31lb 8.5oz

Leo 33lb 12.5oz

Beautiful big lads :wub: Leo is spit of his mum, and Alfie looks like his auntie.
mums just text Jen is 27lb9oz

headshot i took when we picked her up :)

She's gorgeous Sal :wub: ,bet she looks huge at the side of the rest of your gang (w00t) :lol:
She's gorgeous Sal :wub: ,bet she looks huge at the side of the rest of your gang (w00t) :lol:
well she looked quite big next to them when i last saw her 2 weeks ago :p can't wait to get home next week and see her :wub:
Looking forward to them all getting together for a photo session sometime next year :wub:

I keep trying to get the pups and Bear into seperate kennels but she's having non of it, she still wants to be sleeping with her babies lol.
Mick weighed pups this morning

Leo 37lb 12oz

Alfie 35lb 8oz

Looks like same weight group Vicky :wacko:

Great lookin litter think your be ok with your Sailor's weight Vicky Bailey was 42lb at the same age reckon he will be about 52lb,goodluck to all the pups :luck: :thumbsup:
just weighed jen who is now 34lb

i'm a very proud mummy cos she learned to sit and now also gives aka kicks you with her paw lol :wub:
eeeeerrrrrrrr never mind "kinda kicks u" Jen does give a paw - but it is

a big paw so 2 you it is kicking lol - Jen now learning "high 5"

Leo is in the dog house, chewed charger for laptop :rant:


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