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Little Lurcher Puppy Girl

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MAISIE :wub:








has she found a home yet??

so addorable how could they? arghhhhh
Has she got a home yet Sharon...I have a friend looking for a whippet/lurcher/greyhound type puppy thanks.
She's beautiful - she looks like a delicate little girly version of my Taz :wub:

Good luck finding a perfect home for her :luck:
Has this little girl been taken? We are looking for a baby bitch for a companion to our Sam, the patchwork whippet aged 9 with auto immune. He is a lovely boy but could do with some female company to see him thr his old age!

We are in Leighton Buzzard, Beds near Carol Neale.

Best wishes,

Hannah x
she had found a home but is supposed to be coming back this weekend , long story ! will update when i have more time , so as of now she is supposed to come back tomorrow x
Oh no, what a great shame she's had to come back. It sounds as though there might be other interest though, so fingers crossed for her :luck:
i really hope this lovely little girl finds a forever sofa soon :wub:
i had a lot of talks / checks etc with the people who took her , thay had been home and vet checked , very knowledgable on sighthounds etc etc perfect situation , she is a little nervy when out and about on her own but this was discussed in depth and they were sure they could give her the guidance and time needed , but when i phoned last week they said they didnt think they could do it ???? ah well . due to transport problems / time wise etc it will be this weekend she will be coming back to me , they may have had a change of heart in the week and decided to give her longer who knows ! will be speaking to them tomorrow and will keep you updated .

there has been a lot of interest but no one really goes any further than posting on the thread etc but im not worried , she was as good as gold here last time and will be again , she will be happy with my 3 again. keep you posted !!!
maisie is back , has just fitted straight back in and is looking for her FOREVER home !
Hi have sent you a personal message on here hope to hear from you soon!! We are genuinely interested in her


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