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Loose Stools (maybe dhiarrea) Again :(

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It looks good to me - not perfect, but nothing to worry about. That's just based on my own experience though. Whatever I feed J, and despite tests, he'll do lovely firm poos in the morning but the afternoon ones are softer - often softer than your pics - and can have a 'creamy topping' as we call it:D I don't worry about it, I accept that it's just him. I could add more bone to firm him up, but then the morning poo would be uncomfortably hard for him.

How often does Zappa poo in a day?

The four (now three) people in our house can eat exactly the same and have very different 'results';)

Zappa has 4 poos daily :) 1 first thing in the morning, at home, 2nd in his morning walk (today was feven better than the above pics), 3rd in the afternoon (while walking or at home), 4th on his evening walk...

He is getting much better, but I don't know why, was it something I did? was it something I didn't do? I'm glad his ok, but I would love to know what happenned :D
Does Zappa have a list of injections that he’s had? (nobivac rabies;zoetis vanguard CPV; Versican plus L4 and DHPPi , 2 times each) has Zappa had the injections for = Distemper, Parvovirus, coronavirus} has Zappa been wormed recently if so with what wormer? (Caniq plus, advantix, ivertin, simparica, praziquan) Does he have a tendency to eat mouldy/gone of food? (never) Does he eat bones (animal)?(Never) Do you put slug repellent on any plants in the garden? (Never)Is he on any medication? (was on anti-inflammatory 4 days last week) Have you changed his diet? (yes with a 1 month transition to alpha spirit puppies) What treats does he have? (alpha spirit treats, advance puppy treats, between 4 to 10 a day) Is the diarrhoea getting worse or better? (the diarrhea is gone, for now) How much ‘human food’ is he given? (human food? it depends on what you consider it, he has zero food tha has been cooked for us, but usually eats a little apple, a little papaya, a litlle yougurt and sometimes a tiny bit of white bread) What did he have to eat last night? (alpha spirit kibble with some pumkin, and this morning too)

I know there is a lot of questions but to be able to help I need the above answering.

I tried to answer each question, let me knowif you need anything else :) and THAAAAANKS a lot
Well, he started anti-inflammatory pills last saturday (not this one, 10 days ago), tooked them for 4 days. he loose stool started last monday (8 days ago), and stopped today . maybe that was it? the pills caused the diarrhea?
it could well be if he's only had dhiarrhea when hes had the pills. what type where they? if you know?.
I don't remember the name, the vet said it was not a strong medicaton, very basic. Started with a C and ended with an x :p
okay the medication may started the diarrhoea. unless he had diarrhoea before the medication was administered.
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Spoke too soon lol just got home from the evening walk, he made a good firm poo with a little bit of dhiarrea (2 or 3 drops).
Please make sure you say ‘May’ have caused rather than ‘probably’ caused @Violet Turner - we don’t want to make assumptions without knowing for definite.

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