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Lurcher's Doing Agility


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Thought you all might like to see some pics of some Lurchers doing agility, which they all seem to love (well not quite as much as chasing squirrels but it's a close second!!) Thanks to my friend Anne for her dog's photos.

There are roughly 20 obstacles in each class, varying classifications depending on how good you are and height variations for mini, midi or standard height dogs.

Here's some jumping shots, the height of jump is 2'6" for the larger sized dogs.

Firstly Woody
Now Lulu, double poles are used in the beginner classes to help stop the dogs getting in the habit of going under, then just a single pole as you get in better classes
Here's Anne's dogs first of all Sophia :)
And here's old Guiness :wub:
Then there's the Long Jump which is set between 4-5 foot. Here's Guiness again
And Lulu being very frisky :teehee:
Great pix, looks like they are sooooo enjoying it too.
Then there's the 3 Contact obstacles-the A Frame/Dog Walk/Seesaw. All have a different coloured patch at the beginning and end which at least one paw must touch. If no contact is made then it's 5 faults. This is mainly for safety to prevent dogs leaping from the top and hurting themselves (the highest point on the A Frame is 6'3"!!!!)and obviously to show you have good control over your dog.

Here's Sophia showing a perfect "wait" on the contact
These are probably the hardest thing to do with the larger breeds as their stride is so long they tend to jump over the contact and if you try to slow them down on the run up they struggle to clamber to the top :(

Sophia having fun at the apex :clown:
There are 2 types of tunnels a rigid one like this that can be bent to any shape, and a fabric one the dogs have to push through to get out the other side, here's Guiness showing how it's done :))
Last photo is Sophia doing the weaves, a series of between 6-12 poles that the dogs have to weave in and out, but always starting with the first pole on the dogs left side. This is my fave as i know how bloody hard it can be to train :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: and it's amazing to see the speed some dogs do this. The more advanced dogs can be sent in at any angle-very tricky :wacko:
Hey so go on join a local Agility club and i bet you and your Lurchers'll love it :p :p :p You will eventually go mad enough to buy a caravan and spend all your free weekends chugging up and down the country, getting up at 5am to travel-all for a small red rosette to go on your fire place!!!!! (w00t)
Fantastic shots :thumbsup: , they all look like they really enjoy doing the agility.

Lovely pics Gina. Would love to do agility with my girl when she's old enough - think she'll love it!
Really great photos! I always wanted to try agility with Luci, she loved to jump! :wub:
Brilliant photos - very inspiring!

I did agilty with Vader until very recently - we are really missing it but it's hard to find another class. The weave did take the longest to teach - he would ever do the Apex or the see-saw - he's too nervous.

When we stopped at the end for a cuppa he used to go off and round on his own - he loved it so much :D

Leia was just starting it and enjoying it - although she had the longest legs in the class she was doing the smallest jumps :clown: The border terrier was jumping higher than her :b

Must find another class.....

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