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Lurcher's Doing Agility

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Clar said:
Clar said:
~Sarah~ said:
Lovely pic.  :thumbsup:   :thumbsup:   :thumbsup:
Hi, I have a 3 yr old whippet x terrier and we started agility this summer... its been tough going as hes the sensitive sort.. but we are getting on fantastic at it.. he's as light as a feather and absolutly loves it.. i've learned not just about agility but about my dogs breed (he was a rescue dog) I am now totally in love with lurchers... their just the best!

I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a lurcher...... role on the competitions!!

Also... on another note, i'd really like to speak to other like minded lurcher agility addicts.... so please feel free to post

I train with a club in Dublin and my dog is the only lurcher.. it would be good to be able to get advice and share stories of lurchers in agility!

Hi, I train with a club in Stockport, Cheshire and my dog is the only lurcher in the club,she isn't the fastest dog in the world but is really steady and we get loads of clear rounds and quite good placings. She is almost 6 now, we've been doing agility since she was 18months. Totally addicted!!! :D :)
:thumbsup: Great that you are doing agility with your Lurcher, keep at it and keep it fun and enjoyable and i'm sure you'll do really well... On that note why not check out The Lurcher League that i've started (plug plug!!! :- " ) open to any Lurcher, Longdog or Pedigree Sighthound that competes at KC shows with monthly and yearly prizes for various categories. Look for it on :thumbsup:

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