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Lynperry Whippet

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Had my first try at the lure coursing on Sat, took two saplings and a bitch which ran last season in the EAWCC , Not bad , dogs ran ok ,but i think it will take two or three meetings for them to get the hang of it ,so we will be surporting the club in this new venture, Paul Cork
ayup corky, looking forward to the bb this saturday, me and scott will be there nice and early.heres a pic of arch.
Looking forward to seeing you two northen lads again ,have a safe trip down to Norfolk , PAUL
hi corky, it ended up a good day shame we had to leave early. see you on the 21st
my black lynperry dog, looking for bunnies out of the caravan window. :)) he's turned out a picture. cheers corky.
Shiney's looking really nice nice Sparky, :wub: :wub: where did you go on your hols :D
we went to the caravan at skegness, its packed out with bunnies and erm deer. :thumbsup:
ayup corky, the black dogs turned out fine.
He look well Sparky, he will make a good sire for Lakeys bitch

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