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Hi haven't been on in a while its been one thing after another!
Well, i have a new whippet puppy joining us on the 12th of May. Hes 26 days old at the moment . Hes from the same breeder as Oliver and is actually Oliver's nephew. Its going to be chaos here but i can't wait .
Some pics of him. He has a purple collar on.
Thank you excuseme :)
It was difficult to choose but there's something different about his colour.
Thank you JoanneF :)
I actually let my hubby choose his name as i named my other dog's and i think it suits him ;)
so gorgeous!! absolutely love the colourings to :) whippet pups are so cute especially when they go all crazy and run
Thanks josie :)
Whippet pups can be goof balls lol but great little guy's to own ;) soo energetic!

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