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Meet Rolo

@Josie thank you :) he's really looking different every day, can't wait for a cuddle :rolleyes:
Im starting to count down the days till i get Rolo x he's changing so much colour wise, haven't a clue what colour he'll be when i get him!
Well he looks amazing! has he had all his checks and his first vaccine? if you don't mind me asking but how much did/will you pay
@Violet Turner we still have 2 weeks to wait till we get him. He gets a health check, first vaccine etc the breeder is fantastic with her pups i wouldn't go anywhere else. But this is definitely my last pup :rolleyes:
Rolo is finally here x got him on Saturday Oliver is not impressed! Everytime I touch the pup he barks or takes the huff. So ive been trying to spend lots off time with him.
Here's a pic off Rolo I'll get more when he sits still lol
Thank you! He's such a cheeky chap lol Loves cuddles thank goodness :rolleyes:

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