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Moonpig Is Sick

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Back from the vets.......Badger has had a serenia injection to stop him feeling sick as we suspect that he wants to eat but doesn't feel well enough...he also has a ten day course of antibiotics...his heart murmur is still very bad(lol not that it was going to get better).

If he goes down hill at all he will be going back for bloods but the vet and I both think hitting him with antibiotics first is the way to go.

Looking back on his history,Badger is showing exactly the same symptoms as when Woody died,including the exact same temperature..bloods at that time were we just wait and see.

Tonight Badger managed to eat 90 grams of Burns mini-bites( Little Bill the beagles food)which is the most he has eaten in one sitting in the last ten days.

will keep you posted and thanks very much for your good wishes...knowing other people understand how worrying these things can be is of much comfort.
:huggles: Sending healing thoughts and vibes to Badger. What a horrible time for you with them all being poorly x
Sending lots of hugs and kisses to Badger :huggles: :huggles: :huggles: :luck: :luck: :luck: xxx
Hi, I've only just read all the threads about this. I do hope that everyone is feeling better. If Badger is having a lot of trouble with his corns I had some tablets from Ainsworth's for one of my boys which really helped so please pm and I will look out the name of them for you, I don't think they are a permanent cure but Alfie has had 2 courses now and they are looking better now than in a long while.

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