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Muphys memoires

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Well after increasing the CBD drops at new year to give Murhy peace of mind we have now reduced them again.
This morning we stood and talked to a couple with their dog pram and young child he was so calm he even remained calm when a group of joggers came past.

But it only takes one idiot and this morning we met two, the first was in a second group of joggers and as they approached one of them made barking sounds.. Well obviously if you talk to the dogs they talk back and Murphy barked,, my response was to tell him to stand and then add loudly, 'Murphy stop talking to idiots' which shut the barker up.
The second fool decided it would be a good idea to come silently jogging up behind us as Murphy paddled, he deliberatly left the path and crossed the beach to come right up behind us... Why??? the path the beach and the field behind us was totally empty but this guy had to divert to a direct collison course at the waterline. Murphy barked once but apart from that he was ok. Im really pleased with how this is going but I still wouldnt trust him off lead in this situation having jogging barking flapping strangers might be a bit too much for him if I didnt have him on the lead.
This may be the downside of being cute - all kinds of folks want to interact, and some of them have wrong ideas of good interaction.
This may be the downside of being cute - all kinds of folks want to interact, and some of them have wrong ideas of good interaction.

You could be right I spoke to mum this morning and she said Eva my brothers RR is so daft if she hears a noise in the dark she hides! But mums taxi driver is scared witless and he is convinced shes going to eat him. Mum told him to say Boo to her. He did and Eva ran behind the chair!
Gosh its been a long time. But George and Murphy are still BFF's never far away from each other.
Any jealousy they might have had about toys in the beginning faded quickly and often if George wants to play he will step on or squeeze a ball to get Murphys attention.
They still both eat raw and thats worked well allergies that Murphy had as a pup have gone no medication needed just stay off the beef!

Murphy is still a nervous dog and thats not great with joggers and cyclists who give no warning so OH and I have tried growing eyes in the backs of our head with limited sucess, but we do use the command stand when we see a bike or jogger and after they have passed without a reaction a small treat rewards no reaction.

Weve moved from the house in the town we used to have and are in a much smaller house (but bigger garden) in a tiny village out in the country. Theres a stream at the bottom of the garden chickens across the water at the neighbours house and owls in the trees at the bottom of the garden but the boys are coping well. We are surrounded by fields so just a couple of houses seperate us and the sheep. Again no reaction, George is now at a stage were he will bark only if the hare or deer get very close or run near to him. Murphy never barks he just watches..

Last year Murphy had a non cancerous lump removed from his back leg, it went from jelly bean size to orange size during the weekend giving us quite a shock. Since then (and he will be 8 this year) we have nothiced that he is a bit stiffer so he has Glucosamine /green lipped muscle capsules and he has a step to help him get into the car without jumping. That early command he learned 'step up' has really come into its own now as we place the step by the car say step up and he walks straight up.

Thats about it really, we try to keep then happy and active, well as much as our old bones allow!
Glucosamine /green lipped muscle capsules
Was his lump a lipoma? I read recently that glucosamine makes these grow faster; of course the benefit usually outweighs the disadvantage but it is worth knowing about.
Thanks for the heads up. It was a cyst in Murphys case and we only started the glucosamine recently but I will keep that in mind.

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