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New Cocker Spaniel Puppy Advice

Spaniels are very "oral" dogs because of the strong retrieve instinct they need as gundogs. Mind you, I had one very bitey puppy that wasn't a spaniel! JudyN's advice is good. It does take time and I do empathise. Keep something safe (such as a knotted piece of towelling) to put in his mouth before you interact with him.
Good to hear of different views on puppies and crates. I was in the same position with my male spaniel pup. He howled non stop despite supposedly been in a crate before.
He'd been looked after by two sets of people before me. So...he slept under my bed, then hooded cat bed beside mine and now either in his ed or on mine. No real problems toilet training as he woke me and I also used a alarm clock to gradually increase wake up time.
I did train him to go in a crate and he's ok in it but for a long while attached a pen around it (needed because of open plan house).
He is 2 now, was a horrendous chewer and it's only In the last 4 months can l leave him indoors in another room without him being mischievous. As for biting, early on he got carried away during play. I would cry ouch! and stop interaction. He caught on quickly. He would also growl if startled in the dark,before realising it was me. Just learning.
I would advise two things.
1 . Work on impulse control. Encourage him to be still and quiet before going out, feeding, playing etc by slowing things down, ignoring barking. Still do.
2.Teach him to settle. I have seen two ways to do this. Both work. Can't recall links but I'm sure you can find.
I hadn't specifically done this as he did anyway but handy for new places.
My gorgeous boy isn't perfect but pretty chilled.
Just a quick Eddie update. He is growing very quickly and is enjoying his walks with his cousin Henry. 3 months old and very bitey still. He’s half got the toilet training, sometimes he’ll go to the back door, other times he’ll just go in the house!


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